RDR2 Players Discover How vomitting can Prevent Fall Damage

As per the latest and apparently extremely weird exploit unearthed by the players of Red Dead Redemption 2, it has been found that vomitting works out as an excellent medium for traversing canyons and saving one’s life in the game. In other words, using character vomit you can get saved during events which would normally result in death in the game, a strategy that requires plenty of guts to attempt in the first place.

RDR2 is widely recognised for its engaging and immersive gameplay, specifically when you play it in the single player mode wherein you need to make some very critical life choices for your main character – Arthur Morgan. In fact, it is also one of the few well-known video games that is equipped with several attractive features such as a casino and more.

An exciting game with a gross loophole!

In the game, players assume the role of Arthur Morgan and navigate the outlawed gangs of the place, take up odd jobs in the areas of the Old West, and indulge in activities like fishing, hunting and growing new kinds of beards to find peace. And considering that it’s a game where you witness horse testicles shrivelling up during the cold weather, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you’re allowed to drink and eat pretty much everything you can lay our hands on! It is in this regard that the players have managed to uncover this recent and evidently grossest loophole.

Exact working

While everyone is trying out this new method, you can check out various YouTube guides that take you through its exact working. The point is making Morgan eat some kind of food which will make him vomit. One of the readily available options is bulrush that can be obtained from the wild. Once Morgan has had it, he can be positioned at the edge of some cliff and then made to jump as soon as he starts vomiting the bulrush. As it happens, the vomit remains atop the cliff, however, extends down in a manner that Morgan doesn’t experience a free fall, and doesn’t suffer any damage because of falling from a height which would normally kill him right away.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - player image

It’s not like Spider-Man as many might think, and it hasn’t been ascertained why it works, however, players have already started appealing the developer to retain the exploit rather than patching it. There are some clear advantages offered by vomit roping and many are using it for rapidly scaling down cliffs, during certain runs or quests, as an effective method of saving time. No specific multiplayer advantages have been discovered as yet, but are likely to come to the fore soon if they’re there. As of now, Rockstar Games haven’t released any statement regarding the exploit.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has turned out to be an excellent game for trying out all kinds of mods, including certain jokes which haven’t gone down too well with the developer. But when it comes to exploits and bugs such as these, they are quite sweet because everyone can access them, no matter how pleasantly surprising they might be!

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