Reliable Fiber Internet Providers For 2023’s Online Gamers

Top-notch internet service is crucial for a quality online gaming experience and this is why which internet service provider you choose matters a lot.

The large amount of ISPs means that it gets very hard to choose one that fits your needs the best. We believe one of the most important factors one should consider is whether the ISP offers fiber internet.

This is because fiber internet allows speeds of thousands of MBs per second. Putting things into perspective, these are ten times, in comparison, to the speeds allowed by other internet types, such as DSL and cable. The best part is, even though the speeds are much higher, the amount you have to pay for fiber is comparable to what you have to pay for cable or DSL. Because of the aforementioned factors, a fiber-optic ISP is the one you should go for.

This article will compare all the ISPs that offer fiber internet in the United States so you can choose the one that suits you best.


Xfinity is amongst the most established firms in the internet industry. It is quite popular due to the blazing-fast speeds it provides. Its Giga plans consistently offer speeds of thousands of MBs per second. That means you will be able to download a movie within a few seconds! Xfinity is not only fast but also reliable. To ensure consistent provision of the internet at its subscribers’ places, it has constantly improved the xFi Gateway – its WiFi device. Consequently, customers are able to access the net from all parts of their houses. Besides, subscribers of Xfinity internet plans also get advanced security and have to pay nothing for it. Xfinity makes sure all your messages and search history remain known only to you.


Another ISP that offers super-fast speeds is the renowned AT&T. Even though it was founded as a telecommunications company, today, AT&T boasts the largest subscriber base out of all internet providers. If you do buy fiber internet from the company, you can also choose to bundle it up with cable television to save up on money.


Spectrum is another well-known ISP. Like the ones mentioned above, it also boasts impressive internet speeds of thousands of megabytes per second. In addition, getting Spectrum internet means you will get free antivirus software and modems. If you’re a parent, you can also restrict how your kid can use the internet by utilizing the parental control options that Spectrum provides.


The ISP, Cox, may not be as famous as the ones listed above. However, it does have its place in the internet provision world due to multiple standout features. The Cox WiFi Hotspot Network allows Cox Internet subscribers to be connected to the internet in numerous public and regularly frequented areas. This way, its subscribers do not have to spend valuable data. Apart from the hotspot network, Cox subscribers are also treated to Cox Panoramic WiFi –  a software that allows subscribers to manage multiple accounts through one dashboard. Lastly, the company prides itself on the assurance of data security.


When it comes to the provision of the internet to the rural populace of the country, nothing compares to Frontier. In fact, at the start, the ISP only served villages. But, with the passage of time, it started serving urban areas as well. The sad part is that the fiber provision of the champion ISP of rural areas is only reserved for cities. Let’s all hope that one day, Frontier will introduce fiber in rural areas as well.


Yet another ISP that provides quality services is Optimum. Its ‘smart WiFi’ system ensures that the houses it is covering get consistent coverage in all rooms. However, it does come with a bummer: the ISP’s services are not for people from all fifty states. To find out whether Optimum’s services do exist in your hometown, you can call its customer care representatives or visit its site. In the unfortunate case that it does not yet serve your area, you can also find out when Optimum plans to set foot in your hometown.


This is it for now. We hope this article has helped you decipher which ISP fits your needs the best. Best of luck with your internet and everything else in the year 2023!

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