SOOMUS Review: The Best Presentation Recording Software in 2022

Technology has significantly improved how business activities and operations are carried out. Long gone are the days when you have to converge physically for a presentation. Today, team members can be anywhere across the world and attend an interactive virtual presentation using free presentation software.

Many tools make this possible. In this post, we will review one of the best tools that you can use for recording your presentation. That tool is none other than SOOMUS. Let us go into the complete review of the best presentation recording software in 2022!

SOOMUS – the Best Presentation Software in the Market

Without a doubt, there are dozens of video presentation makers that professionals can explore to create a video presentation. However, some have more distinctive features that make them stand out. SOOMUS is the best presentation software, thanks to its ease of use and feature-rich mechanism.

It makes video presentation recording very easy. You can easily import your PowerPoint into your video presentation and have your face and slides on the same screen. This makes it easy for your team to follow your presentation and develop slides at the same time.

Presenting this way is more interactive and engaging for you and your team. You can include individual video descriptions in your footage and create an impressive video presentation that will win you some points with your clients or manager.

How Does SOOMUS Free Presentation Software Work?

First thing first – you do not require any special skills to use SOOMUS. As a fact, you do not need any technical skills. Having said that, let us look at how SOOMUS free presentation software works in creating the best video presentation you can imagine.

Before now, people relied only on PowerPoint to create reports, presentations, and courses. Of course, PowerPoint has numerous features and you can make it attractive by being creative about the design. However, it does not have the motion edge that a video presentation has.

To make your PowerPoint presentation more engaging and impressive, you can use SOOMUS to record a live video of your presentation while sharing your PowerPoint presentation at the same time. The best part is that you can pre-record the video and import your document into it using different features to spice the design up.

When you are satisfied with your final output, you can share it with your team. So, whether you want to have a live presentation or a recorded video presentation, SOOMUS offers the tools and features you need for everything.

Unique Features of SOOMUS Video Presentation Maker

This video presentation maker comes fully loaded with features that make creating a video presentation a seamless task. When you have spent time creating your PowerPoint document, you can improve the final presentation through video recording.

Simply record yourself delivering the presentation and you can integrate the video with the document to make a more impactful presentation. Here are some unique features that make SOOMUS the most recommended free presentation software in the market:

  • It supports colored images in addition to your presentation
  • Comes with a software inlaid pointer function that helps to emphasize specific target presentation content
  • Supports uploading and sharing of recorded presentation videos to social media platforms
  • Comes with a huge library of templates, visual backgrounds, sounds, video, clips, themes, and more
  • Lets you establish a stable video environment for a customized presentation or a training course recording
  • Features a video recording button that lets you recheck your video presentation for any error or adjustment
  • It is compatible with most video conferencing software tools
  • You can try the software for free before you choose to upgrade to a paid version


SOOMUS Pricing Package

SOOMUS offers three different packages that meet the business needs of different individuals and organizations. Each package has its specific features and cost. Let us look at each package.

  • Basic Package

This is the entry point for the SOOMUS PowerPoint software. It is free and does not require that you pay any fee to use it. Most new users start with this package before upgrading to a paid version. The Basic version comes with unlimited exports and users have access to free content to use in developing their presentation.

You can get free virtual backgrounds and free templates with this package. Any presentation you make with the basic package will have a SOOMUS watermark on it. The maximum duration of videos you can make with the basic plan is 5 minutes and you also have a maximum of 50 MB of PowerPoint importation.

  • Pro Package

This is aimed at individual creators who are looking for the perfect tool to create courses, marketing content, and social media video clips. It comes at $4.5 per month and when you subscribe to this, you have access to free and Pro content.

You do not get a SOOMUS watermark on your presentation and you also have access to use the Presenter notes. It comes at HD 720P with unlimited record time. You also have a maximum of 100 MB of PowerPoint importation with this plan.

There are numerous other features that you get with this package, including the ability to go live in remote meetings, beauty effect, filter effect, Presenter notes, ability to download as MP4, and more.

  • Pro+ Package

This is aimed at professionals and businesses looking for a tool they can customize. The Pro+ package comes at $7.5 per month and it gives you unlimited access to all content on SOOMUS. You have the commercial use rights and you can also have custom watermarks on your presentation. Everything you get in the Pro package is included in the Pro+ and more.


SOOMUS is an exceptional video presentation software tool that makes video presentation creation a seamless project. It comes with numerous features that ensure you have the best professional video presentation that you can have. You can visit the official SOOMUS website to find more details about how the tool works.

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