Sportscasters who amazed the world

Sports matches today are watched by millions of spectators. The top three in terms of views are football, American football, and basketball, but other disciplines also have enough fans around the world. For this reason, the role of the sportscaster is becoming increasingly important. It is he who will have to maintain the interest of the audience during the development of the attack and rejoice with the fans when the team manages to score points. The most prominent representatives of this profession will be discussed below.

Cheers Berman

Speaking of the most prominent commentators, it’s impossible not to mention Chirs Berman, who started at ESPN in the early 2000s. He was remembered by the audience for his loud cries during matches, genuine emotions, as well as amazing catchphrases. All American football fans remember the phrase “Back, back, back, back, gone”, which still evokes positive emotions today. It is he who owns a rather strange record – the longest drunken interview in the history of world sports.

Mexican football commentators

No less interesting in terms of the art of commenting on matches are the employees of Mexican football channels. Almost all football fans are familiar with the cries, which make any match watching even more exciting and memorable. Such a reaction from commentators is usually caused by the victories of Mexican clubs. At the same time, on the site, betters will be happy with every bet that passes and brings a solid jackpot. The bookmaker has many years of experience, which allows its customers to always be satisfied with their choice.

If a Mexican team participates in a match, then this event will cause a complete sensation among local commentators. The task of the commentator remains to turn on the audience, for which even provocations can be used. But it is difficult to expect such long cries of “goal”, which experts from Mexico allow themselves, from other commentators.

Marv Albert

The name of this commentator is well known to all those who have bet on the NBA. Marvin is a true legend in New York. During the NBA Finals commentary, he puts in as much effort as the athletes on the playground. Marv never reaches into his pocket for expressions, so he often becomes the cause of scandals. Among the most striking are:

  • Discussion of Chris Bosh’s face;
  • Talk about Paul George’s career;
  • Studying the weaknesses of the game LeBron James.

These days, Marv doesn’t comment on games that often anymore. It is increasingly included in the format of phone calls during breaks or watching replays of controversial moments. At the same time, experienced viewers are well aware that when Marv is given the floor, it is better to increase the volume so as not to miss another quote about your favorite game or its heroes.

Vin Scully

Many commentators are distinguished not only by their way of reviewing the game or eccentric antics but also by serving only one select team. This happened to Vin Scully, who was with the Dodgers from 1950 to 2016. During this time, he saw both the ups and downs of the team, remaining its unchanged announcer. Vin spent 66 years with the club, which is an absolute record. Over the decades of successful work, he managed to create a lot of memes and catchphrases. For example, it was he who called Kirk Gibson during the 1988 finals Mr. “home run”, and this nickname remained with the player. This is how commentators influence professional sports today.

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