Starting an Esports Team Is Easy, But Remember These Tips

Keen to start your own video gaming team? Make sure to follow some time-tested practices before you recruit your players and compete!

How to Start a Gaming Team

With competitive video gaming becoming so popular, you are probably wondering what you can do to get in on the action? Starting your very own competitive team does sound exciting, and there is a lot of value to extract from a similar move. You will notice that competitive video gaming teams are worth a lot, and just like you would want to find the best proposals on no deposit bonus NZ, you would probably similarly want to extract a similar value from starting a gaming team. Well, there are a few things that you ought to know before you can actually start on a team.

As Tony Sloterman, product owner at Casino Bonuses Finder, often says, gaming is fun, but when you turn it into a business, you need to know that you are approaching it with the deserved attention and seriousness. Video gaming is fun, but running a business based on a competitive video game must be taken a little more seriously than playing the game itself.

1. Pick a Game That Is Not Too Competitive

First, you probably want to steer away from games that are too competitive in nature. Instead, you want to focus on the smaller ones because they just tend to be much more welcoming to new players. You won’t have to expend the same resources to get yourself involved in a small-time team, which is always the best way. You want to corner a niche as opposed to hosting a team in Dota 2 or League of Legends – this is usually very expensive, and the competition is significant.

2. Don’t Focus on Winning Tournaments

This may sound almost contrary to what you started the team for, but hear this out first. Many teams think that the only way to be sustainable financially they need to win tournaments and claim prize pools. When you are playing in smaller games, there isn’t so much money to go around so you can leverage yourself in other ways. For example, good content creation is definitely going to give you a great chance of succeeding as an esports organization – whether you are too competitive or only getting started.

3 Take Care of Your Players 

Many people who start a team think that their players should do well without their guidance. That is not true. You want to make sure that everyone is doing well and that everyone is healthy. Some teams in the past would overdo it with players online and gaming all the time – part of that was bad management, part of that was owners’ insistence on putting in more work. Well, it doesn’t work that way.

You want to make sure that your players are fed, clothed and remunerated, and rewarded for their efforts. More importantly, you want to ensure that their lifestyle invites a balance between playing and other activities. Yes, esports players may not be focused on physical activity too much, but this doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from it.

In fact, you want to see that your players are putting in the extra effort to take care of themselves first before their gaming sessions. There is a correlation between how well an esports player feels and how well they perform in a video game, so make sure the people on your team are feeling well!

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