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Switch Not Connecting to TV: Fix it Now!

How to fix Nintendo Switch not connecting to TV?

Playing video games on a large screen on a weekend with friends is an awesome experience. You can connect a dock to your TV and use the Switch to play your favorite games on that television screen. At present, Nintendo Switch has become popular among gamers from around the world. Recently, users have complained that when they try to swap to a bigger screen, they find it difficult due to the Switch not connecting to TV.

Users find it difficult because the process is not simple, like connecting a jack to the TV. If you are one of those frustrated users who has faced the issue of Nintendo Switch not connecting to TV, here’s the solution. Read on and find out the reasons behind this issue and the possible solutions to fix it.

Reasons For Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV

Once you get familiar with the process of connecting Switch to your television, you will face no problem in the future. But as a first-time user, you might face some connectivity issues. This may happen due to a minor glitch or a problem within hardware and sometimes due to a cause like using a poorly conditioned cable. Before discussing the fixes, let’s take a look at why Switch consoles might fail to connect to a TV.

Poor Condition of HDMI Cable

If you are using a damaged HDMI cable, you will encounter problems ranging from encountering a black screen while playing games or even having no signal at all. You should check the HDMI cable with another device to ensure that the cable is in proper condition.

Wrong Connectivity Sequence

You should always turn on the dock first, as connecting the HDMI cable before turning it on often leads to connectivity issues. An easy way to fix this problem is to connect the Switch dock before hooking up the HDMI cable.

Incorrect TV Input

In case you forgot to change the TV input, you won’t see the console’s output on the screen. The correct output mode should be selected using the TV’s remote.

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Damaged HDMI Port

Poor connectivity can be observed if dust particles or any other foreign objects get clogged inside the HDMI port. A broken HDMI port can also lead to the same problem.

Using the Wrong Console

There are two versions of the Nintendo Switch that are available in the market. The first one is the standard Nintendo Switch and the other one is a slightly toned-down version called Nintendo Switch Lite. If you try to connect Switch Lite to a television, it won’t work since this version of Switch is not designed to be connected to a TV.


Possible Solutions to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV

Now that you are familiar with the reasons why Nintendo Switch is not connecting to TV, it is time to talk about the solutions to this issue. 

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Select the Right Cables

You should always use a USB-C adapter and a regular 1.4b HDMI cable for proper connectivity. If you buy a new Nintendo Switch, you will get a new adapter along with the cable. Use only approved cables, as using local cables might damage the Nintendo Switch.

Arrange the Cables in Correct Order

Incorrect sequencing of the cables can become a barrier in connecting the Nintendo Switch to the TV. You should always enter the adapter’s USB-C side into the dock’s AC adapter first and then the HDMI cable will go into the designated slot which is the dock’s ‘HDMI Out’ connector. Thereafter, another end of the HDMI cable will be connected to the connector of the TV and the input label will be displayed on the TV. Finally, you need to connect Nintendo Switch to the dock.

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Try to Connect to Another Television Set

If the Switch is still not connecting after going through the above-mentioned steps, then you should check whether the console and the dock that came when you bought your console are functioning properly or not.

Choose a Different HDMI Cable

The problem might be lying in the HDMI cable itself. Using a broken or defective HDMI cable can prevent you from having an amazing gaming experience. That is why you should always use higher-quality HDMI cables instead of local ones.

Check the Dock Station

Very rarely, the problem may be caused by a faulty docking station. You should keep on cleaning the docking station from time to time to prevent any deposition of dirt and dust particles. In case of a faulty docking station, you should replace it as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Nintendo deserves a round of applause for making such a product that is compatible with several games, but if you are dealing with the problem of Switch not connecting to TV, then you can try to fix the problem in the above-mentioned ways.

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