The Best Paying Games in Online Casinos

We all experience a lot of fun while playing online. A greater level of excitement is to place your bets, hit the max win and enjoy loads of cash. What is the best way to achieve this? There are no answers to this question. You need to play the best paying games.

Experienced punters know that earning in casinos is not 100% about luck. It is a blend of proper strategy and a decent knowledge of the little mathematics behind playing casino games online. Do you want to know the best games that will guarantee you that golden payout? Dive into this guide.

Roulette – House edge from 2.7%

Spinning the wheel can provide wagering opportunities to hit massive payouts. There are two types of Roulette which include the European type and American type. It is normal if newbies can’t differentiate between them.

The major difference lies in the fact that the American version has a green double zero and a green zero. The European type features only one green zero. Also, the American type has a 5.26% house advantage, compared to the European counterpart that has an operator advantage of about 2.7%.

The European version offers you the opportunity of gaining the most. Prepare your bankroll and use this concise guide to online roulette to harness your skills.

Craps with Edge 0.60%

It is one of the best payout casino games to play. Its house advantage ranges from 0.5% to about 10%. Most casinos know it as one of the most rewarding options.

Read through the rules guiding for odds, accustom yourself to its strategy simulator, and research the best wagers to make.

A game of Craps with a house dominance percentage of 0.60% promises to offer a fat payout. The amount that you bet determines the mean operator advantage. If you take your chances by wagering higher multiples, you will gain a lot on this top paying casino game.

Blackjack with Edge 0.13%

Most regular land-based and digital punters love Blackjack. It is the highest payout casino game. If you wager a large sum on Blackjack, you stand to gain so much too. If you are an amateur player, you will battle an operator advantage of between 2.5% and 3%.

As your strategy and playing composure improve, that percentage will drop to about 0.5%. There are several variants of Blackjack. Classic blackjack offers the highest payouts. It can have a low house edge of 0.13%.

Slots – Edge from 2.5% – 15%

Many of us love slot games. Every single one of them has a unique design and theme. They also reward punters with packages such as a welcome bonus and +200 free spins apply bonus and other incentives. You can choose to spin the reels of a physical slot machine in a brick-and-mortar casino. Alternatively, video slots are equally interesting.

The Return To Player (RTP) for a typical game ranges from 96% to 99% over a while. The RTP of a slot game represents its payback percentage. Low house advantage Slots can produce huge payouts via progressive jackpots if you are playing online with large denominations.

You can check the payout percentages of slot games on the website of your preferred casino or just find the highest payout online casino through reviews that will offer a wide variety of slots. But remember that a large number of slots have different symbols and reward mechanisms.

Also, the loosest slots pay more often. You will also get a huge sum of money when they payout. Some of the best payout slots include Wolfpack pays, Sugar Pop, Big bad wolf, and Jackpot 6000.

Baccarat – Edge from 1.09%

Baccarat is one of the best casino games you should play to receive high payouts. If you wager large amounts on Baccarat, you have a good opportunity of making a lot of profit. During a game of baccarat, you can choose to place your wager on “Player”, “Tie”, or “banker”. Let us suppose that you place your bet on the “Player.”

In this scenario, the casino will get close to 50.68% of the total win. On the other hand, the player will procure around 49.32% of all game results. The operator advantage in table games is gotten by subtracting the probability of a player winning from that of the operator company profit.

This gives a casino dominance percentage of 1.36%. If you place your wager on the “banker”, that offers you the best odds of winning. The lowest house edge is about 1.09%. Choosing the tie option guarantees the worst odds.


Video Poker – Edge from 0.46%

It is an interesting high paying casino game. It takes practice and patience to grab a proper hold of this card game. When you eventually learn to play it well, it will prove to be rewarding.

Some versions can even give players a payout percentage above 100% after betting over a long period of time. You can get cash on your ante and play wagers if you win. When things fall in line while gambling, the operator advantage for this game can fall to about 0.46%.

Pai Gow Poker – House Advantage from 2.84%

This 1985 poker variant also has the capability to pay out a lot of money. When you play against the house rules, the operator advantage of Pai Gow poker can fall to 2.84%. If you decide to also act as a banker for other players, the casino dominance percentage can fall to 1.42%. It can even fall lower if the casino permits you to bank a higher number of hands.

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You must have noticed a trend from the list of games above. Also check no deposit casino on The games offer low house advantages and odds that work to your advantage. Look for the highest payout casino games. With patience, using the right strategy, and wagering large amounts, you have a high chance of winning a lot.

Now, what is left? The next step is to simply play the highest paying casino games above for real money. You can’t win if you don’t attempt. Take a bold step and prepare to hit massive payouts.

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