The Cryptocurrency Ethereum: What Is It, And What Is It Used For

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. Similar to Bitcoin, the currency can be used for many different scenarios, for example, payments on the internet or money transactions. Ether is also important for executing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and serves as an internal means of payment.

Programmers can use the Ethereum network to develop decentralized apps and execute smart contracts. It is important to distinguish that Ethereum provides the platform for these applications and Ether is the actual cryptocurrency based on this platform.

How Long Has Ethereum Been Around?

Ethereum dates back to 2013 and even followed the release of famous Bitcoin a few years later. Ethereum was financed via a crowdfunding project and was able to start regular operations in the summer of 2015.

Differences To Bitcoin

Unlike the Bitcoin network, there is no definitive cap on available “coins” and blocks. The available coins in Ethereum are even theoretically unlimited, but the annual volume is capped. Ethereum generates a new block every few seconds, while this takes around ten minutes on average in the Bitcoin network. The transaction time is therefore considerably better. There are also ideas for Bitcoin to improve the transaction time, but this still has a long way to go. Ethereum already has significant time advantages here.

How To Buy Ethereum

Ethereum is the second largest and also one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it can be bought and sold on almost any trading platform. Ether can be purchased on one of the countless cryptocurrency exchanges, earned as a reward for mining, or added to one’s account through a transfer from another participant in the Ethereum network. You can choose to buy Ether for real money or in exchange for another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

It is important to note that strictly speaking, the cryptocurrency that can be bought is called “Ether”. Ethereum is de facto the software platform on which the cryptocurrency is based. In practice, however, the terms are usually used as synonyms. So, if you want to buy the cryptocurrency “Ether” from your broker, you will often find only the name “Ethereum”.

Ethereum Platform

The Ethereum platform uses blockchain to store Ether in a database distributed among users – just like Bitcoin and the like do. In addition, Ethereum used so-called smart contracts. These are the agreements that are automatically executed as soon as previously determined conditions are met. These agreements are virtual.

The Perspectives Of Ethereum

Today, Ethereum’s purpose is not only to pay the fee for transactions on an Ethereum blockchain, reward miners, or send tokens to other participants. Of course, this still includes making payments directly with it, but furthermore, it serves as a means of payment in Ethereum-based applications and special decentralized apps, including games. In the future, there will be for sure more and more applications based on Ether, like online casinos and betting platforms. Unfortunately, it is not the case at the moment, so the betting platform 22Bet login is for example not based on Ethereum.


Ethereum offers more than just a pure cryptocurrency but shows how the future can look in the financial market. Does investing in Ethereum make sense? The technology is still relatively young in direct comparison with Bitcoin. Even with Bitcoin, the weak points have only emerged over time. So, it is therefore quite possible that the weaknesses of the concept behind Ethereum are not yet known at the current time.

So, stay informed of the financial trends, cryptocurrency markets, and an investment in the Ether can be quite an interesting investment option.

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