The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is Still Surprising Gamers With Details

Poland’s national treasure, Game of the Year in 2015, and for some players, Game of every year – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an epic title that actually made the corresponding books popular. It is a rare case that a game makes the book popular, but CD Projekt Red created such a hit that fans started reading The Witcher Saga by the Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski. So, it comes as no surprise that fans still love this game and that The Witcher 3 still manages to surprise its players with some amazing details, no matter how often they play it.

The Witcher Series, the Best Series?

Hard-core fans will agree that The Witcher series is the best RPG ever made. There are several reasons for that, including the story and characters, detailed and familiar quests, side quests, and visual effects.

We all love Geralt, and in these RPG series, we have finally gotten to know him better and even build his Path in the Wild Hunt. While the first two games mostly rely on books and stories we have all read, the Wild Hunt has provided us with a whole new story and insight into Geralt’s character, his depth of emotion, and his devotion to his closest friends.

All of this is neatly packed inside a comprehensive main quest, allowing players to choose Geralt’s Path and get one of 3 main endings based on their dialogue and action choices. And not only is the main Path complex and action-packed, but side quests provide some additional flavor, allowing us to explore kingdoms and lands we all know from the books.

And all that is followed by some great visuals and amazing graphics. These visuals can especially be seen in DLCs, Heart of Stone, and Blood and Wine, where we can see some new and truly mesmerizing lands. Graphics here are updated, as well as characters and quests, which are truly thrilling, chilling, and breath-taking. Plus, you can ride a unicorn at one point, so why not enjoy that?

Oh, Those Special Quests

Even though there are dozens of main and side quests in the Wild Hunt, there are some special quests and mini-games that left a mark on all of us.

The first thing that is amazing about The Witcher games is the mini-games. CD Projekt Red isn’t the first studio to do this, given that we already have mini-games in GTA and Red Dead Redemption. Also, in Witcher 2, for example, we had a sort of gambling game called Dice Poker. This is a true treat for those who love trying out their and Geralt’s luck. Another great mini-game is from the Wild Hunt, and now standalone – Gwent.

Basically, Gwent is for all of you who love card games that can get you some profits. In Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you can easily “toss some coins to your Witcher” by winning small tournaments and battling other characters. Gwent became such a huge success that GOG even made a standalone Gwent option where people participate in tournaments.

It is not surprising that there are mini gambling games in The Witcher series, since people love to gamble. These are some of the most popular forms of games, and you can play them from anywhere in the world (even Novigrad). So, if you love chance games or Gwent has inspired you to test your luck, you can easily find some great options out there. On a gambling guide you can, for example, learn what are the most popular casino classics, where roulette, poker, and blackjack stand out as some of the most played choices. Upon playing these games, you can even draw the parallel with Dice Poker and Gwent and see how CD Projekt Red came up with their own ideas and how much these two types (fantasy and real gambling) are alike.

When it comes to quests, as we mentioned, there are many thrilling and even dangerous paths you will walk by. One such action, mystery, emotions, and excitement-packed quest is the Ladies of the Wood. This one is special because your choices will determine later outcomes of the game. The Ladies are actually some gruesome witches called Crones, even though they represent themselves as attractive young women. They are the most dangerous villains in the game, and (spoiler alert!) they will even try to kill Ciri. The mission is highly important, so make wise choices.

Other important missions and stories also include The Isle of Mists, Through Time and Space, Pyres of Novigrad, The King is Dead – Long Live the King, and many many more.

Breath-taking Details

The story of The Witcher is long and filled with details, and it often requires us to play some quests a few times in order to notice all those small homages that truly bring something amazing to the whole experience. One such example is the Trial of the Grasses Cave.

We know that witchers go through trials in order for their bodies to mutate and grant them their physical abilities. In the game, you can revisit that cave and truly bond with the character of Geralt. This is an astonishing detail because Geralt of Rivia’s backstory is mysterious (I mean, Rivia is a made-up place, made up by Geralt), and here we finally get something on his history. So, if you explore Kaer Morhen enough, you can find the cave, and it will be the exact same cave where Geralt underwent his Trial of the Grasses.

There are hundreds of such details that still surprise us. There is even Leo’s grave marked near the above-mentioned cave. And if you haven’t read the books, Leo is a young witcher who didn’t manage to pass the trials but still defended the witcher fortress from attacks, sacrificing his life.

Also, while in Skellige, you can see rock formations on the Hill. This formation is actually an image of two people on the side of the hill with many mysterious rock formations. This truly gives us a vibe of the Old Norse world that Skellige represents. And in one point, you can actually find a dead body that strangely resembles Tyrion Lannister. This is on the Prison Island in a cell that oddly looks like the sky cell in the Eyrie that Tyron escaped from.

Witcher truly is an amazing character and the games dedicated to him are some of the best RPGs ever. They are filled with little details that players can notice every time they go for another round. What is more, there are also rumors that the studio is even considering a new part in the series.

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