TheWiSpy vs. XNSPY vs. mSpy: Which one to Choose?

The number of internet and smart device users is increasing with time. We can’t deny the positive impact of modern technology as it is doing wonders. From kids to adults, everyone is enjoying the benefits, but at the same time, it has some drawbacks. For example, children are spending an excessive amount of time on their laptops and mobile phones.

And without adult supervision, they can access anything online. That’s why parental controls are essential for the young generation’s parents. Folks can ensure kids’ security by monitoring them with the best mobile tracking app. Here is the problem arises that which one to select from a bundle of options. We will discuss TheWiSpy, XNSPY, and mSpy in detail so we can tell you which one to choose.

Compatibility Comparison:

Compatibility is a strong suit for spy apps because the functionality is dependent on it. That’s why you should take measures before purchasing spy software. If we look collectively, all these tracking apps are highly compatible with majority of smart devices. Of course, you will see a slight difference in each spy app accordingly. For instance, you need jailbreaking for iOS devices in both XNSPY and mSpy so the app can support advanced features.


TheWiSpy works with all android devices, including smartphones and tablets. It requires 4.0 OS compatibility of the device it needs to be installed on or updated to a higher version. You need to ensure stable internet connectivity for a smooth procedure of downloading. You won’t need to root your device to access advanced features because it works fine without it.


XNSPY works with android and iOS devices of all kinds. The target device is required to have a 4.0 and above OS version for installing XNSPY. You will be able to use basic features without rooting on android devices, but you will need rooting for advanced features. On the other hand, you would require jailbreaking the iOS device regardless. The operating system compatibility must be 6.0-9.0.2 at least.


mSpy works for android devices and iOS devices too. You have to ensure that you have a device with at least 4.0 OS in case of an android device. Again there are restricted features that only work on rooted android devices, so you should check prior. When you need to use mSpy for an iOS device, ensure it has 7-9.1 OS versions. The jailbreaking for the iOS version is necessary, so the advanced features are helpful.

Which one is more compatible?

TheWiSpy is more compatible if you ask our opinion. However, you will face certain restrictions when it comes to using advanced features in XNSPY and mSpy. Such as, you would need to jailbreak the phone beforehand to use these functions.

The procedure of installing is time-consuming as well as it results in slower device processing. On the other hand, TheWiSpy guarantees high-quality results without going through any difficulty. Moreover, there are almost no complaints from the customers about the compatibility of the TWS android spy app.

Features comparison:

The most important part about a spy app for android is its features. You can always separate a good spy app apart if it offers rich features for all plans.

TheWiSpy unique features:

TheWiSpy is a highly rich-featured android spy app. It has all the essential features that you’ll find in any other spy app, but its advanced remote features set it apart. For example, surround recording, camera spy, call recording, etc.

Call log tracking:

Call log tracking is a pervasive feature that offers detailed tracking of made and received calls. For example, you can ensure your child isn’t talking to strangers by checking the caller’s id, name, and other details. In addition, you can identify the threat callers and block them through the app.

GPS tracking:

GPS tracking is an excellent spy feature for both parental and employee monitoring use. You can track down your target through TWS’s advanced feature. It will show you real-time location results in minimum time spam. In addition, it will show you previously visited locations, your current location, and the duration spent in one place.

Social media monitoring:

The social media monitoring tool helps track the young generation’s life on smartphones. Teenagers use Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., in excessive amounts. You can track the activity on any of these platforms in real-time. For example, you can record feed activity, spy on accounts through your child’s phone. You can also block spam or harassers’ accounts through this application remotely.

Web browser controls:

The app provides you the path to monitor web browser activity on your kid’s mobile phone. The advanced technology lets you spy on everything remotely. That means you can view searched history, saved cookies, and downloaded files on the target phone’s browser. In addition, you have the authority to block unethical sites to protect your children through spy apps for android.

Multimedia access:

You will find unexpected stored data on your kid’s device if you had an approach to their smartphones. Luckily TheWiSpy offers multimedia access to the users. It means you can see digitally stored files on your kid’s phone. It includes audio and video files, pictures, and documents that you can see and destroy through this app.

Camera spy:

The camera spy feature works remotely and captures live event moments through the target’s camera. It is a highly advanced function that not many phones tracking apps in 2021 offer, but the TWS case is different. You can view captured pictures through the application’s control panel assigned to you once it uploads the file. In addition, you can download images and store them on your mobile phone.

Surround recording:

Surround recording is a blessing for spying on applications that can make the impossible into a possibility. Without a physical presence, you can hear to the surroundings of your children through the phone’s microphone. The feature is listed on the dashboard, and when you initiate it, TheWiSpy starts recording. You can listen to the recorded audio on your device using the control panel through any browser.

SMS monitoring:

You can monitor the exchanged SMS chats on your kid’s phone anytime. TheWiSpy android spy app offers excellent SMS monitoring where you can view contact details, conversations, and other information. With increasing cybercrimes, you can protect your kids with the help of the feature. You can remotely block a contact before the message reaches your child.

Call recording:

The call recording feature offered by TWS highly recommends for you. It can record the whole call from miles away without disturbing the conversation or creating any distortion. Again TWS take permissions from all the mobile phone in the beginning after installation. So you can record without notifying the user, and then the app uploads it on the portal.

XNSPY features:

XNSPY is an exceptional mobile tracking app. You can see the similarity in the features offered by TheWiSpy because all features are available in that app as well. Of course, it has a high-quality output that can help you monitor your kid or employee. You can access the data present in the smart device as well as fetch it through these features. Therefore, we can study the same features with a different aspects.

Application monitoring:

A phone has numerous applications installed on it because that makes it useful in the first place apart from calling or texting someone. For example, there are social media apps, gaming apps, health care apps, etc. You can access all these apps through the XNSPY application monitoring feature. In addition, you can view online activities, messages, and added accounts.

Live screenshot:

XNSPY isn’t that advance to offer live picture capturing, but you can take screenshots of live moments on the screen. For example, if your child is using social media or streaming a video, you can screenshot the usage in real-time. You can have the results on your device after the app sends you the screenshot.

Call monitoring:

XNSPY allows the users to monitor call logs of the target phone. You can view relevant information about the caller, such as contact information, call duration, timestamps, etc. The advanced functionality of this app allows recording incoming calls on the user’s command. These calls can be monitored on any application such as WhatsApp, phone calls, Skype, etc.

Email monitoring:

If you’re monitoring employees, then this feature can be very useful. It allows the app user to check the email book of their employees in detail. You can get the senders’ email address, duration of the emails, date, and, more importantly, the body of the emails. You can access the attached files within the email to read.

mSpy features:

mSpy is an advanced spy app that offers numerous beneficial features that you can use to track your kids. It is a parental monitoring app, so the features are focused on how it can help them. You can track the location of kids; keep close tabs on their online activity and whatnot. It supports Snapchat, which means you can spy on the highly used application among children.

Call monitoring:

You can monitor calls through this feature. It includes the calls dialed from the target’s side, and the received as well. It also provides the details of the call if you want through this feature. In addition, it views caller id, name, duration, timing, etc., through your screen.

GPS tracking:

mSpy offers a GPS tracking feature that is highly popular among parents. When the mSpy is installed on the target’s smartphone, mSpy gains access to the phone map. Now it helps in tracking every movement of the target with internet connectivity, of course.

So when you need to find your child, you’ll command the app, and in no time, you’ll get the real-time location of your kid. In addition, you can view the history of the area he’s been in if you want to ensure their safety thoroughly.

SMS monitoring:

You can track message exchange on your child’s phone easily. It contains the messages through the SIM or social media apps. You can read conversations, delete messages, block contacts, etc. The app offers remote monitoring, so you can do it without physically accessing the phone.

Remote blocker:

A remote blocker is a fantastic feature that mSpy offers. You can block contacts, apps installed on the phone currently, and websites as well. All this stuff is done remotely through the mobile tracking app. You have to click on the option, and without your kid knowing, you can block their harasser away in seconds.

Email tracking:

It may be rare that kids use email as a source of communication, but still, parents should monitor email activity. That’s because cybercrimes are increasing day by day, and they target young children. For example, they can get the virus through emails, or someone can send inappropriate links or files through email that can harm their devices. You can track such emails and report or block them to secure your kid’s private data from hackers.

Which spy app offers better features?

If you read this article closely, you’ll see that mSpy and XNSPY contain the same features that TheWiSpy offer. But at the same time, TWS has more advanced features combined with both apps. You can use surround recording, camera spying, GPS tracking, and other functions within a single app then why would anyone choose anything other than TWS.

Price comparison:

You can’t expect the same prices from every spy app, so keep in mind that they’ll vary. When we talk about TheWiSpy pricing, you must be aware of the three different plans offered. You can get basic, premium, and platinum plan that contains different features and pricing.

Now we have established that TWS offers quality results, so you have to make a decision. First, figure out your spying needs, and then according to that, you can choose one of the plans. That way, you can get a perfect plan and save your money as well.

Then XNSPY and mSpy have basic and premium plans that are very in features and pricing as well. You can get it in one month, quarterly, and for a year. It doesn’t have a 6-month plan that might result in re-subscription, but you can get more time anyway.

Product  1-month 3-month 6-month One-year 
TheWiSpy standard $19.99 $29.99 $49.99 /
TheWiSpy premium $29.99 $49.99 $79.99 /
TheWiSpy platinum  $49.99 $79.99 $119.99 /
XNSPY basic $49.99 $69.99 / $99.99
XNSPY premium $59.99 $99.99 / $149.99
mSpy basic $29.99 $59.99 / $99.99
mSpy premium $69.99 $119.99 / $199.99

Which spy app offers better price plans?

If we talk in terms of affordability, then TheWiSpy is the best one because it has the lowest prices to start with. For example, you can get the standard plan for $19.99 only; on the other hand, XNSPY offers a basic plan for $49.99 and mSpy offer for $29.99.

Then the flexibility of TWS is better suited because it offers a 6-month plan so the gap between other plans can be balanced. The premium package of all these apps provides all features, including advance, and if we compare their pricing, then again, TheWiSpy has a cheaper package than others.

Final verdict:

After concentrating on all the points, we’ve concluded which spy app is best for you. Honestly, it mainly depends on the user’s needs, but once the user decides what he wants, this article can be beneficial in choosing.

Suppose you want to spy on your child’s phone and monitor all modern applications they use. In that case, mSpy is an excellent choice because it offers high-quality parental features such as Snapchat monitoring, Instagram monitoring, etc.

XNSPY is suited for employee and parental monitoring usage, and it contains quality features. For example, it helps you spy on messages, location, etc. But it has expensive prices plans that set it back from other options. In addition, the functionality of XNSPY is complicated as well, which can be challenging for naïve users.

TheWiSpy is the best choice among XNSPY and mSpy, and we have valid reasons for it. We have compared the compatibility, features, and pricing of these apps, and TheWiSpy has won in the end. It supports all smart devices and offers smooth functionality no matter how advanced the feature is. And it has cheaper plans that are useful for people who want affordable monitoring apps and for different periods.

We hope that this comparison helps you choose the best mobile tracking app.

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