Top 3 casino movies of all time

The first slot machines appeared at the end of the 19th century, they were quite small and included a slot into which coins were inserted, a display area where the symbols could be rotated, a panel showing the winnings for a combination and a small machine. the tray in which the prize was collected. There are movies about online slots, but they are not as popular as the traditional 20Bet and they are usually documentaries.

Over the last two decades, the most notable films have been Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve, which are mostly super heist films, while Molly’s Game and Rough Gems are the most famous and arguably the best of the last five years. One of these two movies even found its place on our list, so stick around to find out which movies made it into our top 5 casino movies of all time.

The Boy From Cincinnati (1965)

Cincinnati Kid is similar and let’s say better than Rounders. It has certainly been a huge influence on every poker movie of the last 40 years (including Rounders) and features Steve McQueen as “the guy”. Even though this movie is over 50 years old, if you neglect the graphics, old technology and degrade the overall picture and sound quality, it will look really fresh and relevant. That’s one of the best attributes a movie can have, and every writer or director expects someone to say something like that about their movie 50 years from now.

In this film, The Kid realizes that he is not as good as he thinks and must start climbing to the top through a longer and more dangerous journey.

Raw Gems (2019)

Rough Jewel is one of the latest films that resonated with the audience. It first aired just two years ago and many scenes have already become iconic, mostly thanks to social media and memes. This is probably one of the best roles of Adam Sandler’s career and the entire film builds us up to the climax where we hope to finally see the tragically addicted protagonist win, but spoiler alert!

He does not know it. And after this unexpected ending, people who were completely drawn into the film would go on the ride again. So does Howard, because that’s what gambling addiction can do to you.

Split in California (1974)

Kids who like Rounders probably haven’t seen California Split yet. They should! Although it is an older movie from the 70s, California Split is still identifiable and one of those movies with a perfect portrayal of boys will be the relationship and friendship between the boys. This movie is directed by Robert Altman, which might surprise you: this movie is still underrated and many people don’t even know it’s by Altman. On the other hand, you can see your branding everywhere.

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