Top 4 Benefits of Obtaining CompTIA A+ Exam-Labs Certification

Technology has shaped the world we live in today and largely impacts our daily lives. Therefore, the dramatic shift towards information technologies over the recent years has seen an increasing need for associated professionals and experts.

The CompTIA A+ certification is an entry-level qualification that helps individuals propel into the digital world and establish a career in the IT industry. Meanwhile, CompTIA A+ Exam-Labs certificate is offered by this well-known vendor to validate candidates’ expertise in core technical areas, such as mobile devices, security, networking, and hardware among others.

As you understand, the CompTIA A+ is a smart choice for professionals providing multiple benefits and possibly uncovering many new opportunities. Here are the top 4 advantages of obtaining the CompTIA A+ accreditation.

Benefit 1: Industry Recognition 

CompTIA Exam-Labs A+ Practice Test 220-1002 is a reputed organization that has certified over 2.5 million professionals across the world. CompTIA A+ qualified specialists are employed in different industries ranging from tech giants like Intel, HP, Dell, and Nissan to growing companies offering technology solutions to customers. Thus, a CompTIA certificate on your resume will grab the attention of employers and provide an edge over your peers and competitors.

Benefit 2: Develop Skills and Knowledge

The CompTIA A+ accreditation equips individuals with the basic skills and fundamentals required to function in an IT role. What’s more, the certification is continuously updated to reflect the evolving IT landscape and latest trends. Therefore, both A+ qualifying exams validate an individual’s skill set and knowledge on a wide range of topics which include operating systems, software troubleshooting, hardware & network troubleshooting, virtualization & cloud computing, and operational procedures.

Benefit 3: Salary Improvement

CompTIA A+ designation is designed to ensure that candidates are industry-ready. Certified professionals enjoy higher salaries than non-certified ones because of their technical skills and abilities confirmed by CompTIA.

Salaries can vary depending on the organization and position but according to a survey conducted by, the general average annual salary of the A+ certified specialist is approximately USD 63,351. So, the higher-earning potential makes this qualification a popular option among aspiring new entrants.

Benefit 4: Career Progression and Future Development 

Certified professionals are presented with a variety of career options. They are generally employed as Service Desk Analysts, Data Support Technicians, Technical Support Specialists, Field Service Technicians, Associate Network Engineers, and much more. Moreover, CompTIA Exam-Collection A+ Practice Test 220-1002 VCE Dumps offers candidates many opportunities for career advancement and growth. Thus, after obtaining the A+ accreditation, certified professionals can opt for more advanced certification tracks such as CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+. These certificates act as a stepping stone for exciting career pathways in networking and cybersecurity leading to more advanced job roles.


In sum, if you are looking to stat a career in the IT field or gain new skills for your job, then CompTIA A+ Exam-Labs is your gateway. Candidates are expected to pass 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams to earn this CompTIA certificate. Furthermore, plenty of study materials and help options is available on the Internet for prospective applicants. And, as a result, achieving this accreditation makes you a part of a global network of IT professionals that fosters a culture of learning and growth.

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