Top Tips for Playing & Winning Online Casino Slots

Let’s face it, whatever the type of slot player you are, if you visit an online casino, you want to leave with more money than you went in with. Winning is everyone’s goal and there are many ways that you can maximise your chances of winning, which we outline in this article.

  • Play high stake slots – You probably know that the slot pay-out is directly connected to the spin stake; if you stake more, you win more and rather than always playing minimum bets, take a look at the pay-out if you increase your wager. This is a better strategy than betting minimums, which is why so many players opt for higher value spins and who knows? You might hit that mega jackpot and become an instant millionaire.
  • Understand RTP – Return to player percentage tells you how much is returned to the player on average; for example, a slot with an RTP of 96% means that out of $100, the player is returned $96 dollars, with $4 going to the house. The best strategy is to play high RTP slots for short periods and low RTP slots should be played for longer periods. It is worth noting that low RTP slots offer bigger jackpots, if you are looking to win a fortune. Here are a few more tips on choosing the best slots to play.
  • Study the play table – Every slot is unique, with its own set of functions and combinations; it is vital that you fully understand the many features and functions before you start playing. Some online casinos allow new players to play for free, just to get the hang of how the machine works. Another way to learn more about a slot is to ask other players and read what they say on the online forums.
  • Know when to quit – If you are ahead after a couple of hours, this is the time to quit; players rarely keep winning if they extend the playing session. You need to have a level of self-discipline and most successful players have their own strategies and play to a system. You should set a limit on your stake for any single session and never exceed that. Chasing your losses is never a wise move, as this can quickly lead to debt.
  • Bonus features – Slots can have many bonus features and knowing about these can multiply your winnings. When you register with an online casino, you should get access to many resources to educate you about the slots and strategies that you can employ. Simply put, you should carry out some serious research and be 100% sure that you understand all the features on a slot machine before playing.

When looking at potential online casinos, make sure you find out what they are offering new players in the way of bonuses and free spins. Play responsibly and hopefully, you will leave with more money than you arrived with.

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