Unexpectedly Hard Video Games Ranked [2022 List]

Video games come in many styles, shapes and Flavors and will also depend on your personal taste. The same applies to difficulty games as certain people can’t play certain games simply because they are too difficult. There are different games for different types of people, some people like puzzles others like strategy games others prefer online casino games. We will look at all the surprisingly hard videos ever created and rank them according to difficulty levels.


In 2002 Sega released Shinobi 3D game for PS2. The game features 3D graphic design and you can control Ninjas with a blade to devour the souls of the dead. Though the art of the game and the gameplay style suggest stealth, this really means that your sword will damage your health if you go too long and kill your opponent. Combine this with aggressive enemy AI and there’s no checkpoint from start to finish in the battle and you have your recipe for the hardest PS2 ever released.


A very interesting game with some obligatory remarks about pulling the hair out. When Cuphead first appeared, the image seemed to be a cutsie-tootsie tribute to the earliest cartoon. Little had anyone ever known that beneath these refined creations was a monster able to destroy anyone who entered the place. Cuphead, which included many bosses needed absolute concentration and precision. Cuphead is characterized by its uniqueness that is filled to every level.

Darkest Dungeon

The Darkest Dungeon uses side-scrolling design in a dungeon crawling system and ramps the difficulty of a dungeon to eleven by throwing challenge after challenge. The game has an incredibly challenging procedurally-generated environment filled with enemies, traps and rewards. If it seems too bad to you on paper you should put on permadeath, your teams will weaken as your flame goes down, characters who suffer mental issues and you’ll soon start panicking.

Enter the Gungeon

The phrase “bullet hell” has an underlying meaning, implying you’ll be consumed by wave after wave of enemy missiles. The enemy can’t even discern your destination. Enter Gungeon takes things up a whole new level with procedurally built dungeons and increasingly tough enemy types, with distinctive attacks. The use of cover is crucial if you want to survive at Gungeon level where a character’s health is very limited.


The Witness was released in first-person puzzles since January 26, 2016, each containing a theme and a set of puzzles to solve. You take on the puzzle room after room and unlock new areas until you reach the highest point on the island where you can expect the most important find in the game. The game is simple and easily ramped up to difficulty when later puzzles merge rules of previous puzzles that require thinking laterally for solving.

Devil may cry 3

DMC 3 is tough with only a handful of exceptions, but Hack ‘n slash games were introduced in the early 20th century with the likes of Onimusha games – Dynasty Warriors, but with comboriffic slash and hack it boosted the bar. It is stupidly fun to battle Dante with demons, but DMC 3 proved to be very difficult compared with other franchises. The gameplay in general is not really so hard, while DMC 3 is simply a constant demand.


Returnal remains an outstanding PS5 game. Potentially an excellent commercially successful yet very complicated gaming. The first AAA giant Housemarque was a huge success and captured many minds with the incredible new generation graphics and the constantly changing Roguelike ambiance. But studies revealed few had finished because negotiations were difficult, especially due to the legendary and spectacular battles between bosses.

Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden was a struggle of patience and knowledge. This place may actually belong to countless Ninja Gaiden games because Ryu Hayabusa was frequently in severe trouble on multiple occasions. The fights on Ninja Gaiden are meaty and violent. It is relentlessly punishing and you can easily dodge tons of angry enemies at wildly rapid speed. It’s an important reason Ninja Gaiden retains an incredible fan base.

Mega Man 9

Although Mega Man is known by its punishing hardness, the game’s new Mega Man 9 remains one of the challenging entries in the popular platform games genre. Capcom and Initi created the game using 8 bits and 8 -pixel graphics in hopes of regaining its roots. It offers some of the toughest boss fights of all time as well as numerous achievements on your first playthrough.


Celeste has the similar challenge of Super Meat Boy in that the difficulty is increased with the characters advancing up an icy mountain. The climber must cross multiple platform levels and jump through precision and a series of directional movements. The hardest part in Celeste however is its ‘B-side stage’, where previous versions remix the levels and fill the pieces with collecting items.

Which is the hardest video game franchise in history?

Before Dark Soul awaited its release many gamers debated over the most difficult games made. The Elden Ring provides another exciting adventure. In 2022, Elden Ring and Sifu again trigger video games’ difficulty debate. It is another example of Software’s classic ‘soul’ formula which is extremely effective in breaking into hard video games. There have been numerous titles whose debate has been ongoing. Some can be famous for difficult sections or fights like Battle toad or punch-ups!

Elden Ring & any other Souls borne game

Is there a button that works? It’ll be obvious. Eldred Ring. Their premise is basically the same, and their creator created the most popular video game genre ever. You can dodge, roll, parser, grind up a lot of bosses, lots of different ways to improve yourself and a mental count on how often you succumbed to a controlling enemy. Elden Ring is perhaps an iconic genre for many critics, and has proved to be difficult, but has great quality.

What are the best video games right now 2022?

  • Tiny Tina Wonderland
  • Borders
  • Sea robbers
  • Ark of death
  • Eldredge Ring
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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