What are Pokies in Australia? What does it mean?

To date, the main entertainment of Australian users are gambling, and in particular the slots and classic slot machines. This type of gambling, in a fairly short period of time, has managed to please a huge number of users, not only in Australia, but all over the world. And no wonder, because at the expense of the simple game mechanics and a fairly large winnings, users can quickly and easily make money committing a number of simple actions.

Of course, many Australian users are already making money making bets in a variety of slots and classic slot machines. However, there are also those users who have never once committed bets in the slots and slot machines. Then, there are the ones who haven’t heard of or don’t know what an Australian slots and slot machine is. And that’s exactly the kind of Australian users we’d like to help out today, as we want to present Uptown Pokies Casino.

About Uptown Pokies of Australia

Here’s how we answer the question: what are slots and slot machines in Australia? To begin with, let’s understand what slots are. The term “online slots” has been used for quite some time by many Australian users, and it refers to slot machines for making money. The term “slots” originally began to be used in the early 70’s in New South Wales. Now, the term denotes and equates to gambling games, in which you can bet exclusively on the Internet. Today, slots are games similar to land-based slot machines, but with video displays. Online slots often use 5 reels, and distinguishes them from land-based slot machines that they have a variety of useful features and a lot of bonuses that allow you to earn a lot more money in the game. It is for these reasons that many Australian users love and constantly play online slots at Uptown Pokies Australia. The slots themselves, which can be found in a wide variety of online casinos, can indeed bring in huge sums of money in just a few clicks on the screen, and at the same time be quite entertaining. But, besides the many beloved online slots, a variety of online casinos present variety of data gambling. Below, we would like to tell more about the types of online slots, and then every user can find a lot of useful information about the slots.

Varieties of online slots

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Slots and slot machines in online casinos is without a doubt, a very profitable and exciting gamble in which every Australian user can make money. But, in addition to them being in almost all Australian online casinos, you can find more interesting and profitable varieties of slots and slot machines. Below are most important types of slots, and then the most necessary information will be given.

  • Video slots. The video slots are the most common of the slot types to be found at practically all of the Australian online casinos. Video slots operate and function in exactly the same way as regular online slots, but have improved graphics, videos and a variety of animations that can appear during the game. This type of slots are often based on famous movies or shows and can be interactive.
  • 3D slots. 3D slots is another popular kind of slot that can be found in every Australian online casino. This type of slots is different from all the others that users can find impressive 3D graphics and a variety of special effects. Thanks to the 3D graphics and special effects users can immerse themselves in the themes of the slot and watch the whole game functionality from a different angle.
  • Slots with 3 reels. Three-reel slots are a very popular kind of slot. This type of slot is very similar to the classic slot machines because it has 3 reels and 5 paylines. To win in 3 reel slots, you only have to match 3 of the same symbol in a row. This type of slot is extremely simple and many users regularly play and bet in 3 reel slots.
  • Slots with progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpot slots are the kind of slot that is rarely seen at Australian online casinos, but they are very lucrative. This type of slots distinguishes it from other gambling that they give users the opportunity to win the jackpot amount that can be increased by tens or even hundreds of times. The game mechanics are usually similar to all the slots and slot machines, but the possibility of winning the progressive jackpot makes this type of games very profitable and popular among many Australian users.
  • Free slots and slot machines. This type of slots and slot machines appeared quite recently. Free slots and slot machines differ from others that in them users do not need to spend personal money. Make money playing in these slots is not possible however this type of game is perfect for beginners and those who want to learn more about the game mechanics of a slot.
  • Slots on 5 reels. This type of slots is the last and is now quite popular among Australian users. 5-reel slots are games that have 5 reels and many winning lines. In 5 reel slots, users can have hundreds of winning lines, allowing them to win as often as possible. This type of slot game differs from the other slots, and often the 5 reel slots have a lot more themes than the other slots and slot machines.

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