What are the best 10 Pokemon fan games of all the time

In the gaming world, if there is a game that is widespread and has become a part of millions of gamers life it’s Everygame casino no deposit bonus – I mean…. Pokemon. It is considered that there is no other game like this have ever made online because Pokemon has created a completely new genre of games that mainly focus on collecting and battling a swath of unique and interesting creatures. The developers of the game have made numerous changes in the graphics, introduced new gameplay mechanics, and launched brand new Pokemon in different regions.

The love for all the series of this game can be understood with the fact that their fans have created Pokemon fan games. There will be many other fan games yet to come where you will have new graphics, new features, mechanics and moreover. Have Pokemon GO Account and enjoy all features. In this content, we will talk about the top pokemon fan game of all time. Let’s get into the content to know more about this game.

What are the top 7 Pokemon fan games of all the time?

  1. Pokemon Ash Gray

Pokemon Ash Gray is a rom hack similar to other Pokemon rom hacks that came into existence when Pokemon FireRed released. Among the list of several other Pokemon fan games, there are few games which are around this Ash and that made Ash Gray the best option.While playing, one can feel the efforts added to make it and also the new ideas that have been fed here. Items like rafts and hatchets have taken the place of HMs, and also various other sprites and tiles are redesigned and improved.

  1. Pokemon Godra: Remastered Version

Pokemon Godra’s roster has the Pokemon which has featured in the first six generations of Pokemon games and offers players a freedom to play.

Pokemon Godra’s roster, in this fan games the developer have featured the first six generations of Pokemon games and give the users freedom that they have never felt before. The remastered version of this game was released in the middle of 2020 that has improved the graphics and made it in line with Gen 4 games and also several life updates have been added there. The locations that will come your way depends upon the decision whether you start your journey in East or West Godra.

  1. Pokémon Uranium

Like Pokemon Prism, Pokemon Uranium almost followed the typical Pokemon blueprints that the developers have received DMCA takedown notices from lawyers. This shows how this fan Pokemon game is much similar to the real Pokemon.

Pokemon Uranium is more like a new generation of Pokemon having the original Fakemon. The game follows the same formula of real Pokemon if we talk about the creation of Fakemon and plot. However, the official sites are running down but you can check Wiki with the downloaded link.

  1. Pokemon Creepy Black

Pokemon Creepy Black begin life as Creepypasta that elaborated a player’s experiences with a haunted gen 1 Pokemon game. There are various version of the title have been made but among all the fan-made games, the one based on Pokemon FireRed is the best.The things one experiences in the real version of Creepypasta, they can witness the same number of elements in this fan-made game. Further, the creators of this game have created a spooky vibe with visuals as well the dialogue. Hence, this Pokemon fan-made game is much more enjoyable compared to the other Pokemon games made.

  1. Pokémon Zeta and Omicron

This Pokemon fan-made game includes an attractive new story and fascinating gameplay. Pokemon can meet with every Pokemon who have been introduced in the first five generations and also which came later. In this game, players have the right to choose challenge runs when the game starts and that makes the gameplay more interesting.With the introduction of Mega Evolutions and challenging ways to acquire Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, Zeta & Omicron let the fans enjoy many features that they experience in real games.

  1. Pokemon Dark Rising

The popular part about Pokemon games are they are quite difficult to play. The game begins at basic level but once the player moves ahead in the game the difficulties get increased. Pokemon Dark Rising, is a bit different from other Pokemon games as the difficulties begin from the basic level that no other games have witnessed.

This is made for the gamers who are very familiar with the gameplay of Pokemon as you will not get much time to learn the use of mechanics. From gym leaders to random encounters , everyone needs to be on alert. Such difficulty makes the game more interesting.

  1. Pokemon Phoenix Rising

This is certainly the most ambitious fan-made Pokemon game ever, as it changes up the mechanics of the whole campaign quite a bit. Pokemon Phoenix Rising was made with a goal in mind: to create as close to a PC game experience as possible from the Pokemon Essentials template.

This is one of the most ambitious fan-made Pokemon games ever as it has completely changed the mechanics of the entire campaign. There are some new features have been added like Skyrim-style skill trees, traditional RPG quest system and a choice-driven plot which makes the game very interesting to play.


With the introduction of Pokemon games, no one has ever thought the game will rule over the gamers that even the fan-made game for Pokemon has come into existence. We have seen the top 7 Pokemon fan games of all the time in detail.

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