What Makes Crazy Time Such a Good Slot?

Slot games are some of the most popular casino games today. Why? Because they are fun, with great entertainment value, and the fantastic accelerating feeling you get when winning is so instant. There are slot machines in virtually all casinos, from your local gaming establishment to beste casino online, there are so many slot games to choose from. Even pubs and hotels hold the opportunity to play slots.

Anyone can play slots, you don’t need any experience to get started. This combination of accessibility and excitement has made the modern slot game more popular than ever.

What Is Crazy Time?

Evolution Gaming’s release of Crazy Time was heralded as the most exciting slot game of 2020 at the global gaming hub ICE event. It brings more thrills and excitement, with a 54 segment wheel with a fruit machine adding multipliers!

Before spinning, a multiplier is applied to an award from the fruit machine if the multiplier is in line with its midway line. If not the round continues without a multiplier. Large wins are possible as these multipliers go up to at least 100 times.

What Makes Crazy Time Such a Good Slot

How To Play Crazy Time

If you want to develop a decent Crazy Time strategy then it is important to get to know the game, how you can win different bonuses and what it takes to do well.  Getting to know the bonus rounds really helps with this.

Crazy Time features 4 bonus rounds on the wheel. The wheel also has 1, 2, 5 and 10x segments. The excitement is fast coming, as it’s not so many spins before you hit these bonus rounds. It keeps the excitement up as you play, and gives a fantastic display for your mates to watch as you play.

The first bonus round, called the Pachinko bonus features an exciting, 16 space multiplier wall for doubles and multipliers. The presenter randomly releases the puck, which falls and lands in one of the spaces below.

If you are lucky and the puck falls in double space, this doubles the multiplier and the puck is released for a second time. This can repeat until a maximum multiplier of 10,000x.

Even More Ways To Win

Sometimes you win a rescue drop if your first drop results in a multiplier of 4x or lower. Next is the Cash Hunt bonus where 108 multipliers are concealed by random items. Choose the item to reveal! And you’ll could be with a 10x multiplier and a 20x this will result in a 200x stake.

Coin Flip appears on 4 sections of the wheel, so is likely to be one of your most played bonus rounds. The Flipomatic gives a multiplier of up to 100x on a coin flip by the presenter between blue or red. The maximum multiplier on this round is 5,000x your stake!

Now for the fourth bonus round, things hot up with the star of the show, the crazy time wheel. You pick one of 3 flappers on a huge 64 segment wheel. If on the spin, your flapper ends up pointing at a double or triple. The presenter spins the wheel again. This can repeat until the wheel is filled and the multiplier stands at 20,000x. The next spin is the jackpot!

The wheel is spun and you win the segment your flapper lands on, should a flapper land on a double or triple segment, the wheel is re-spun for those particular players that chose it with the increased multipliers!  Crazy Time has so much excitement and colour, that you will find yourself wanting to play it more and more – hopefully winning big in the process.

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