What makes Metamask such a good crypto wallet?

Something has happened of late when it comes to cryptocurrencies – they have entered the mainstream and are now more popular than they have ever been. Whether you are looking at Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even Dogecoin you will have noticed that the values have shown some impressive gains in value. Of course, to use crypto effectively, you’re going to need a wallet and that is where Metamask comes in.

With crypto entering the mainstream, it has taken on more and more practical uses. One of the most notable is online casinos. There has been an increase in the number of these that accept various cryptocurrencies as they offer the perfect solution to casino players. To take advantage of these casinos and what they offer, you’re going to need a wallet and that is why you should learn all that you can about getting started with Metamask.

What is Metamask?

Before we take a look at what makes Metamask so good, it is worth taking a brief look at what it actually is and how it can be used. Metamask was launched back in 2016 as a wallet that allows people to store, buy, and sell cryptos that are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Such wallets are quite different to those that support Bitcoin: Bitcoin wallets usually exist to allow people to store their crypto for the long term.

Looking at Metamask, just like other Ethereum wallets, it resembles a browser more than anything else. They allow a way into the ecosystem of decentralised apps that are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. When it comes to Ethereum wallets, Metamask is by far the most popular.

Which cryptos are supported by Metamask?

One of the great things about Metamask is the number of cryptos that it is able to support. As we have already seen, it supports Ethereum and this includes any collectables, tokens, or other assets that are issued on the Ethereum blockchain. However, Metamask is not restricted to the Ethereum blockchain.

This wallet has the ability to support tokens that are based on other blockchains. To do this, you need to make a change to the backend settings but this opens up a world of possibilities. Some of the other cryptos that Metamask can support include:

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are other cryptos that can be used with Metamask. The only notable absence is, of course, Bitcoin, but this wallet was never supposed to be about the Bitcoin blockchain anyway.

The security of Metamask

For anyone holding, buying, or selling crypto security is the number one concern. People need to be sure that any wallet that they are using is safe and secure. The truth is that there will always be those who are looking to hack into wallets and take crypto, but Metamask has shown itself to be successful at preventing these types of attacks.

To ensure that your Metamask wallet is safe the key is to ensure that you have actually downloaded the real software. There are various ads that will try and divert you away from this in an attempt to trick you. Ensuring you have the real Metamask means that your balance will stay safe.

Is Metamask beginner friendly?

In a word, yes! This is something else that adds to the appeal of Metamask. Often, wallets can be complicated and cumbersome and this makes things a little tricky for beginners to grasp. There are no such issues when it comes to Metamask.

This wallet is extremely user friendly. It even comes with a mobile app that allows users to navigate all that is on offer with ease. This makes Metamask a great option for beginners.

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