4 Best Super Nintendo ROMs for Android devices

Everyone loves playing games in their free time as all of us grew up playing a different kinds of games. The development led to the emergence of different consoles, PCs, and many other devices, which brought gaming into our hands.

The most popular back in the days was the retro games which were played on Super Nintendo ROMs. Everyone who knows these games still misses them and wishes to play them on their PCs or even handheld devices.

The only problem is that the devices we are using in this era cannot support the 90’s retro games. But that does not mean that we can’t play the games on our recent devices at all.

With the invention of the Super Nintendo ROMs, we can relive our childhood times with those retro games. You can find more game at Freeromsdownloads Today we will be sharing some of the best Super Nintendo ROMs that you can have on your Android device.

  • ePSXe

ePSXe is a PS or PlayStation emulator console that is ported from the PX and works excellently on Android devices. The emulator gives an old-school feel a chance even to use the old-school joysticks to play your games.

As much as it is old school, it comes with a touchscreen pad support and hardware buttons for mapping with a keypad or gamepad. ePSXe also supports Bluetooth gamepads as well as USB ones.

The most remarkable thing about this Android ROM is that it supports HD graphics, access to games’ cheat codes, and storage devices’ compatibility.

  • 2600.emu

2600.emu is an open-source emulator based on the Stella 4.7.3 emulator console. This Android console can save states, support other ROMs in .bin and .a26 formats, and be compatible with any Bluetooth or USB gamepad or controller.

The ROM also works in any orientation. Therefore, 2600.emu is one of the top-notch Super Nintendo ROMs for Android devices and offers all the experience from the 90’s that you may need in your current gaming experience.

  • Emubox

Emubox can be referred to as a universal Android console as it can support different ROMs starting from the GBA to SNES, among other ROMs. The console comes with many features such as fast forward mode, loading and saving games using the gaming controllers, and many other features.

This console comes as an app for Android devices that can run any ROMs and their respective games. Therefore, for anyone who wants to play games from different types of ROMs, then Emubox is a perfect choice.

  • NES.emu

This is an alternative Android ROM for the SNES9x EX+ emulator, and the two also look very similar, have similar features, but they have a lot of differences. We won’t be going through the similarities and differences as we will only focus on the NES.emu console for now.

NES.emu allows the user to play games in landscape mode on your Android device, has a very appealing user interface, is very stable, can load and run almost any game from back in time, and comes with many other additional features that you will need in your gameplay.

Amazingly, the console allows games’ cheat codes, saving and loading games anytime you want, and even allows the user to use retro controllers to add to the fun. NES.emu also has on-screen controls which allow you to play games if you cannot access any external controllers.

The only problem, which is not a huge setback, is that this emulator is only supported by the newer smartphones and cannot run on the older smartphone version and their respective Android versions.

Final thoughts

The above is a list of the best Super Nintendo ROMs for Android devices and a list of the best old-school consoles that are compatible with your device. We are more than 100% sure that you can enjoy retro games and have a chance to relive your childhood with these emulators.

Super Nintendo ROMs offer you the chance to access all the old-school games without any problem whatsoever.

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