CoD Modern Warfare 3: The Best Weapons Ranked

Modern Warfare 3 came out back in 2011, and it was the third game in the super popular Modern Warfare series that everyone was obsessed with. This game took all the best stuff from the previous ones and made it even bigger and better! It had an awesome single player story mode filled with over-the-top action scenes. But most importantly, it had multiplayer modes where you could compete against other players online. That’s where things got really intense!

The key to winning online matches was having the right weapons in your loadout. There were so many options to choose from – assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles, and more. Each gun had its own strengths and weaknesses. If you wanted to dominate the competition, you had to learn how to use the most powerful guns in the game really well. Getting good with the top-tier weapons would give you a major advantage in fights. Players who mastered the best firearms could totally crush their opponents! So you definitely had to figure out how to use the elite weapons if you wanted to be king of the battlefield. Equipping the right loadout was critical for success and owning other players online.

  1. ACR 6.8 – The ACR assault rifle is widely considered the best overall weapon in MW3. It has low recoil, high damage, and excellent accuracy at long ranges. The ACR is extremely versatile and can take out enemies at nearly any distance. It may lack the sheer stopping power of other assault rifles at close range, but its precision and reliability make it the top choice for most players.
  2. MP7 – For a submachine gun, the MP7 is surprisingly effective at medium to long range. It has a high rate of fire, quick reload speed, and solid damage. At close quarters it can shred through enemies. The MP7 unlocks relatively early and is a great multipurpose weapon.
  3. Striker – This automated shotgun is an absolute beast at short ranges. The Striker can clear out rooms and mow down enemies with ease thanks to its high-capacity magazine and powerful shells. Up close it is nearly unstoppable, making it excellent for point-blank encounters.
  4. PP90M1 – With an insanely high rate of fire and large ammo capacity, the PP90M1 is arguably the best SMG in close-quarters combat. It has slightly lower damage per bullet compared to other SMGs but makes up for it with sheer volume of fire. This sprays bullets at lightning speed.
  5. Barrett .50 cal – The most powerful sniper rifle in the game, the Barrett can take out enemies with a single shot to the chest or head. It has very high bullet penetration and range.
  6. CM901 – This assault rifle has medium-high damage and a unique 64-round magazine. It performs well at all ranges and has versatile attachment options. The CM901 is less popular than the ACR but is still an excellent all-around choice. Its bullpup design gives it high stability despite its large ammo capacity.
  7. MK14 – For semi-auto assault rifles, the MK14 hits the hardest. It can kill with 1 to 2 shots and has long-range capabilities. The main disadvantage is its low magazine size of only 20 rounds. But its sheer stopping power makes it worthwhile, especially when landing accurate shots at a measured pace.
  8. PM-9 – Up close, the PM-9 is unmatched in raw damage per second. Its ammunition drains extremely quickly with its fast fire rate. But within 10 meters it will destroy enemies. Pairing it with extended mags helps offset the fast ammo usage. It may be less versatile than other SMGs but excels at its role.
  9. MK46 – This light machine gun hits hard while maintaining controllable recoil. It has one of the fastest reload times in its weapon class. The MK46 has excellent bullet penetration and range for suppressive fire. It lacks mobility but makes up for it with great damage and accuracy.
  10. RSASS – A semi-auto sniper rifle with very high damage and range. The RSASS allows for faster follow-up shots compared to the Barrett. It is less popular than traditional bolt action snipers but skilled players can rack up kills by chaining together rapid precise shots. The RSASS provides sniper power with added versatility.

Beyond weapons, some players in MW3 engage in “boosting” – where two players intentionally kill each other repeatedly to gain XP and level up faster. While often frowned upon, mw3 boosting does have some legitimate benefits for more casual players. Boosting allows players to unlock gear, perks, and weapon camos at a faster rate. For players with limited time to play and level up, boosting with a friend can help them experience more content from the game and get enjoyment from those unlocks. More diehard players may look down on boosting as dishonorable or cheating. But for some, the positives are increased progression speed and experiencing more depth in the game by expedited unlocking of various items. Overall, boosting is a controversial tactic, but does offer some positives for cooperative players seeking to level up and gain new gear at a faster pace.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 features a diverse arsenal of primary and secondary weapons that each have situational advantages. The best guns like the ACR, MP7, and Barrett .50 cal stand out for their elite performance statistics across critical categories like damage, range, stability, and mobility. Mastering the strengths and weaknesses of MW3’s top firearms provides players with deadly effectiveness and versatility across the game’s many maps and modes. Competition is fierce online, so equipping one’s loadout with the ideal tools for the job is key. Although controversial, boosting can offer some positive progression benefits for more casual players looking to unlock items at an accelerated pace. However, most hardcore MW3 fans frown on the practice as it undermines competitive integrity online.

At its core, MW3 delivers high-octane first-person shooter action focused on lethal weapon mastery, whether in solo missions or intense multiplayer battles. Carefully honing advanced skills with the best guns provides an addictive gameplay loop that offers hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Nearly a decade after launch, MW3 remains a defining entry in the Call of Duty franchise and a shining example of multiplayer game balance.

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