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5 Websites Where You Can Get Free Steam Codes

You will find a lot of online portals promising you free steam codes if you fill out this survey, or download a “free steam codes generator”. But most of the time, these are either fake or can infect your system with viruses and malware. As such, it is super important that you stay clear of these shady websites.

To help you out, we have put together a list of 5 legitimate websites that actually give users working gift cards with free Steam Codes for buying games and stuff. Many of them also provide a free signup bonus as well. Also check, Far Cry 6.

So without further ado, let’s get started:


Starting off our list, we have Once you sign-up, the website will ask you to link your debit or credit card. After that, whenever you make a purchase with that card from an affiliated store, you will earn cash back which you can then use to buy your free Steam codes.

Free $5 Signup Bonus via PayPal for linking Credit/Debit card


InboxDollars is a super popular website where users can earn rewards including free Steam codes by completing some simple tasks like answering a couple of questions, filling out a survey, watching videos, and the likes.

Free $5 Signup Bonus


Similar to InboxDollars, PrizeRebel is another super popular GPT or Get-Paid-To website. Here, too, you will be asked to fill out surveys and perform trivial tasks in exchange for points. You can then use these points to get free Steam codes or redeem them for cash.


You might know about Rakuten which formerly went by the name Ebates. It is basically a cashback website and is connected with a bunch of popular online stores. If you make a payment at these stores using their links, then the company will reward you with cashback.

Not only that, but you can also earn money by referring friends to sign-up with their service. It is also helpful for saving on cash as well, as the site can inform you about the same product being available at other websites for lower costs to help you save money.

Free $10 Signup Bonus


And last but not least, we have Swagbucks – yet another GPT website that offers you the option to watch videos or take surveys in exchange for points. You can then use those points for free Steam codes. You will first need to get an Amazon Gift card, which you can then use to buy the Steam codes.

Free $5 Signup Bonus

How to Redeem Your Free Steam Codes?

redeem free steam code
Image Credit: Business Insider

Once you have received your free Steam codes, use the following steps to redeem them and purchase your favorite game:

#Step 1: Log on to your Steam account. Then on the top right corner of your screen, click on your username and go to “Account Details.”

#Step 2: To the right side of your screen you will see an option to “Add Funds to your Steam Wallet.” Click it.

#Step 3: You will find a link to “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code.” Click it again and enter your code.

#Step 4: Check your Steam Wallet. You should see the funds added which you can now use to purchase games.

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