GTA Series: A Ranking of Every Game’s Storyline

When we are talking about the Rockstar product: Grand Theft Auto’s success, it has sold hundreds of millions of copies ever since it made its initial debut in the market back in the late 90s. Not to mention, all the Grand Theft Auto iterations have had an unexpected influence on the open world genre combined. Furthermore, some of these recent iterations have placed a big emphasis on storytelling too, providing the GTA community with highly enjoyable fun in the process.

GTA Storylines Amplify The Chaos That The Game Is Famous For!

When we are talking about Grand Theft Auto storylines, they are an expert at finding ways to add to the chaos for which the Grand Theft Auto series is famous amongst its fanbase, enabling the latter to have a better understanding of the playable lead characters via which they enforce all of the above-mentioned chaos.

Not to mention, no matter whether these characters receive motivation from greed, revenge, or an unsatisfiable thirst for power, their specific GTA narratives are well worth experiencing at least once. For more information in this regard, you can visit the online platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja that deal in GTA V modded accounts as well.

GTA : A Comprehensive Ranking of Each Game’s Narrative

1. GTA 3 : Silent Revenge

GTA 3 was the first ever three dimensional GTA iteration, and also one of the first open world video games to make its debut on a console. Talking about its gameplay, it tells the story of Claude, a silent lead character, desperate to seek revenge after being deceived by his crazy girlfriend, Catalina. Adding to that, players get to meet several interesting characters enroute the story’s long climax. Not to mention, several of these characters are voiced by Hollywood legends.

The design of Grand Theft Auto 3 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, but the debut of voice acting brings in a huge difference to the experience, making it a lot easier for the GTA community to get both immersed and invested in Claude’s affairs. Further, each and every of the group that players run into are both unique and well-realised at the same time, and the missions that they are given to complete go down well with the game’s storyline too. If you are a Xbox owner and want to have fun with modded GTA accounts, then try GTA 5 modded account Xbox One on offer by CSGO Smurf Ninja.

2. GTA: San Andreas : Brotherhood & Betrayal

As a GTA community member we all are well aware of the fact that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is considered as one of the best real three dimensional trilogy, and there is a very good reason to support this fact. To begin with, the map of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is comparatively larger than the previous Grand Theft Auto iterations. Not to mention, its storyline is nearly double the length. Adding to that, it also enjoys a wide variety of characters, namely Officer Tenpenny, Big Smoke, and the game’s main character: Carl “CJ” Johnson.

Over and above that, very much like most other Grand Theft Auto iterations, GTA: San Andreas storyline revolves around police corruption and gang warfare. But there is no shortage of those small little subplots that interest GTA gamers like us a lot. Moving ahead, Big Smoke’s betrayal is till date famous as one of the series most historical moments, even until this moment, while there is no other playable protagonist like CJ himself.

To be specific, nearly everything about the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas series withstands the test of time, but whether it has the best ever storyline in a GTA iteration is subject to debate. If you desire modded accounts with instant delivery, then CSGOSmurfNinja is the right place to go.

3. GTA : Vice City : Vercetti’s Way

GTA: Vice City narrates the story of Tommy Vercetti and his spectacular rise to the heights of the titular city’s criminal underworld. Furthermore, this character is very thoroughly given a life on the screen by Ray Liotta, whose depiction of real-life gangster Henry Hill in the 1990 Hollywood movie: Goodfellas seems to be an inspiration behind the famous playable protagonist.

Over and above that, almost the entire Vice City seems to get inspiration from famous Hollywood gangster classics, in both sections, whether we are talking about the setting or the characters who play a big role in bringing the story to life. Not to mention, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has its own fair share of Easter eggs and movie references too, starting from obvious references to iconic Al Pacino Hollywood gangster classics like Carlito’s Way and Scarface. You can buy modded accounts for both console and PC at CSGO Smurf Ninja.

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, GTA has sold millions ever since it made its debut in the late 90s. Furthermore, all the GTA iterations have had their fair share of influence on the open world genre combined. To be precise, GTA storylines amplify the chaos for which the game is famous amongst its fanbase. Last but not least, ranking of each GTA iteration.

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