How To Use Twitter’s Algorithm to Enhance Reach

The well-known adage, “The one constant is change” is a close friend of marketers. Traditional options, often time-consuming and costly, have been outperformed by the networking services made available by social media. The increase in the number of these platforms affords you more opportunities to connect with your target audiences. Notably, they differ somewhat in what they offer. Understanding these subtle differences and, which will best suit your objectives, is what sets a great digital marketing specialist apart from their peers.

Twitter is one of the social media services that provide great growth potential, due to its algorithm. Twitter’s consistent popularity is proof of its true value, which enables you to connect and engage quickly and inexpensively with your current and prospective followers. And if you’re wondering how to increase your followers, then you should think about using a growth service, like Twesocial, which allows you to buy Twitter followers. Using these growth services will help you dedicate more time to your actual fight with Twitter’s algorithm because the lack of knowledge on how to optimize it will keep your account on stand-by. Continue reading to find out how to use this algorithm to enhance reach.

  • Understand how Twitter’s algorithm works

An algorithm is a mathematical set of instructions, which when implemented by a computer in a set order, will help to calculate an answer to a problem.

What is its purpose? To put this into context, 500 million Tweets are sent out per day. Without a system that manages which of these tweets is placed into your feed, Twitter quite simply couldn’t function. To ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed and that you receive content that you care about, the algorithm works its mathematical magic.

Everchanging to constantly meet the demands of its users, the most recent algorithm enhancements place a focus on the popularity and relevance of tweets.

  • Use hashtags to increase visibility

A hashtag consists of 2 key components. The “#” is followed by a keyword or phrase. If more than one word, there is no space between the words, e.g., #olympicgames. Hashtags enable categorizing of content into a specific topic or theme, enabling visitors to the platform to more easily find content that interests them.

Similarly, this is an excellent solution for businesses, all of whom are trying to answer the question, “how will a new customer find me, when they don’t even know that I exist?” Adding hashtags to your Twitter profile which indicates the nature of your business and its products and services, adds you to the same online catalogues. This action must also be applied to each tweet, with a few exceptions.

As important as the hashtag, is the number of them posted in a tweet and the specific selection of words. If you get this right, when John, who lives near to your business in #maryland, is looking for a new #inverter, which is what you produce and sell, he will far more easily find you, given that he doesn’t know the name of your business.

  • Engage with others on the platform

Enhancing your reach should not be limited to solely creating content and engaging with those who connect with it. Follow those in the same or similar industry. Comment on posts by your contracted influencer, which will likely draw attention to you and may gain you, additional followers. If a customer tweets about their positive experience using your product, respond. This is all value-add, as it serves to draw attention to your existence, increasing your following.

  • Share content that is engaging and relevant to your audience

A consistent and thoughtful Twitter plan sets you up for success. Random and repetitive content will damage brand perception. Be brave about what you share. Everyone loves a story. Speak about what you’re grappling with in terms of a specific design element for a new product and invite comments. This vulnerability will engender loyalty and you’re very likely to solve your problem through ideas provided by your followers. If you’re participating at an upcoming Expo, why not tweet about when and where, likely enticing the attendance of those followers in the area. Showcase unique selling points. The list goes on. Diversity is key to retaining attention that converts to sales.

  • Promote your account by following people in an industry you want to target

Include efforts into identifying individuals who work in an industry into which you want to market your business. Closely track their tweets and when their content appropriately opens the door for useful comment from your business, act. If they are sincerely seeking input from their tweet, yours will be read and welcomed and business promotion is achieved.

What does your customer consider is most popular and relevant as relates to the product or service which you offer? Give this your rapt attention when engaging on Twitter, if enhancing your reach is a key motivation.

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