Is the Digital Revolution a Necessity or a Fashion? 

The world’s changing and progressing faster than you can imagine. Earlier, one could go to a bank and withdraw money using a quick form. Once a card was issued to people, they were intrigued and then came the cashless society. The digital revolution started in the 1980s, and it is still going on. It is also known as the ‘Third Industrial Revolution’. Technology is getting advanced day by day. Earlier we would dream of going to Vegas, but now it is possible to play vulkan vegas 50 free spins from the comfort of your home.

The Digital revolution may have started years ago, but it is transforming the world and will keep getting better. Here is an article that sheds light on whether the digital revolution is a necessity or a fashion. You will find that out through this quick post!

How did the digital revolution start?

It all started with a transistor. The transistor came into existence in 1947, but it paved the way for new developments such as digital computers. The military and the government used computers in the 50s and 60s. This gave rise to the worldwide web. In the 80s, cell phones came into existence. In the 1990s, the Internet was born and became a major part of everyday life.

In the 2000s, the digital revolution started spreading in developing countries. Everyone had a mobile phone, and internet users started growing too. After 2010, there was no turning back. The Internet is now being used by everyone (even in remote villages). Since mobile phone prices have gone down, there is greater accessibility. People are using the Internet to find jobs, run a business, and stay in touch with their loved ones. Overall, technology keeps getting better every passing day. The question is – Is the digital revolution a necessity or a fashion? Let’s revisit this question and answer it promptly.

A Necessity or a Fashion?

Erving Goffman talked about front stage and backstage in his dramaturgical theory. He felt that people isolated themselves to put up a show in front of society. We act as per the expectations of society which makes us lonely people.

People are getting addicted to their mobile phones and social media. The whole act is a way of isolating themselves. A human being needs socialization, thus there should be a limit of how much time you spend on technology. On the flip side, the digital revolution has given rise to new job opportunities, accessibility to international and national goods, better relations with our neighbouring countries, and a way to express ourselves.

Small businesses are reaching out to bigger markets. Earlier small businesses did not have the resources to reach out to their target audience. Due to the limited budget, they would sit back and watch the giant competitors take away all their business.

The digital revolution has brought equality to society (at least for small business owners). In fact, the gap between rich and poor is slowly getting blurred. A child belonging to a low-income family can still gain access to the Internet and do self-study. They can climb the social ladder by studying hard (thanks to the Internet) and changing their fate. Overall, the digital revolution is a necessity. Yes, people need to limit the time spent on the Internet or phone, but we cannot imagine a world without it. The digital revolution has certainly made us aware of our surroundings and impacted many lives in a positive manner.

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