Java vs Node JS: description, pros and cons, comparison

Java is understood not just as a programming language, as many are accustomed to, but a whole ecosystem that was built around a virtual machine called Java. As far as Node JS is concerned, it is a runtime and a library. It is cross-platform. The latter is used to create running JavaScript programs.

The Java language is portable. This is known to most IT professionals who are expected to work with this product for years. This means that applications that were built on top of it and designed for a particular platform should function the same on OS and hardware.

Node.js Features: Pros and Cons

This runtime was created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl. Its key components are:

  • libuv library – responsible for asynchronous output and input, as well as for the Node center, that is, the event loop that interacts with the operating system;
  • V8 engine;
  • JS language;
  • JS libraries.

This runtime has advantages and disadvantages that every developer should be aware of. Let’s start with the positives and these are:

  1. Really light “weight”.
  2. High writing speed.
  3. Comparative ease of creation, use.
  4. The presence of a large set of libraries that can be put in a row in one line.
  5. Continuous development.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting the difficulty of tracking updates, which come often due to the rapid development and flexibility of Node.js

This runtime environment is very popular today. That is why there is an increasing need to use node js development services, because today it will be much easier to find professionals in this type of activity.

Java programming language: advantages and disadvantages

In recent years, it has been seen that JS is one step ahead of Java. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of this language. Of the advantages, we note:

  1. Widespread.
  2. Wide range of libraries.
  3. High speed.

Among the disadvantages are the heavy weight, the obsolescence of many Java paradigms, and the slow pace of development.

Key Differences Between Java and JS

To understand the difference between Java and Node JS, you can take a look at the key factors behind each product. We have identified eight defining differences:

  1. Creation. The JS framework is based on JavaScript, C and C++. Java is derived from C++.
  2. Application. JS is complex, scalable and fast. Java is a complex application characterized by a high degree of concurrency.
  3. Frame. JS contains many frameworks – Partial.js, Express.js. Java frameworks are Spring, Tapestry, Struts, JSF and others.
  4. Project. JS is used in the creation of medium and small projects. Java is used to create complex products.
  5. Sphere. JS is used in servers and on the client side. Java is in servers.
  6. Usage. JS is suitable when you need to use a scalable, high-speed application. Java is used in the creation of web applications and messaging programs.
  7. Application. JS is suitable for real-time editing and collaborative drawing. Java helps simplify software development by using an object-oriented mode.
  8. Installation. JS requires an archive file to be installed internally. Java requires the JDK to run the programming language.

Based on comparisons, pros and cons of each of the products under consideration, certain conclusions can be drawn. Naturally, it is easier for IT specialists to make them, because they are the ones who understand all aspects, nevertheless, the main facts should be summarized.


Under the concept of Java, one of the most popular and widespread programming languages ​​in the world is considered. The concept of Node JS means a runtime or framework created on the basis of JavaScript, C or C++. Each of the products is suitable for a specific task range. For example, what can be done efficiently and effectively using the Java language cannot be done using Node JS. And vice versa.

Java contains a large number of libraries and runtimes that have earned popularity and have been used by developers around the world for a long time. In turn, JS is suitable for JavaScript developers. It is more often used when it comes to the server and client parts of the application. Before making a choice in favor of any of the listed elements, once again carefully study all the pros and cons. Remember that there is no need to hurry in such a matter, because you will need to work with this product.

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