Making Money with Gambling: Is It Realistic?

Gambling has been among the best-loved entertainments since immemorial times. Some people love a bit of thrill in a tiring routine, and adrenalin enjoyers make their hobby a full-time job. But is the latter a realistic way to make money and have enough resources to live? Let us analyze that prospect!

It Is Entirely Possible to Get Rich

Three necessities make your gambling routine a stable money-making activity. And those are

  • A legal and tested online casino/sportsbook that has undergone checks by third parties like the UKGC, Malta Gambling Authority, and resembling organizations. The best exampling material here is the N1 Casino Online which holds a valid license, several awards, and works transparently.
  • Gambling mastery is one direction. It does not matter how you gamble – roulette, blackjack, poker, or sports betting. What matters is the experience and understanding that the game is the risk, and your success depends on the odds and luck.
  • A sound money management plan must imply a healthy starting bankroll. In other words, if you are not a professional, try to win only some of your money in one bet. The best odds to increase your bankroll are long-term betting on sports (like tennis, football, or basketball) and casino games with a positive return-to-player ratio.

The power combo of adequate circumstances, developed skills, and bankroll rationality can transform into the golden key that leads you to gambling riches. Let us now focus on how to attain all that.

How to Find a Good Casino to Gambler Seriously?

Step 1: Determine which casino type fits your plan

The casino realm is diverse. You might be a conventional gambler who only plays at fiat casinos. Or-r-r, you might be a novelty embracer who stakes cryptocurrencies to maximize profits and secure your treasury. If you are the first type, almost any casino suits you. If you are of the second type, here are the best Ethereum casinos that might also accept other cryptos.

Step 2: Checking the legality

Your main concern must be the casino’s legality. And, if it has a certificate from an organization like UKGC and Malta Gambling Authority, you can rest assured that the casino is legal.

Step 3: Selecting games with high RTP rates

The Return-To-Player (RTP) rate is the amount of money you can expect to win as an average over a certain period. As such, your prospective casino should feature games with high RTP rates — also called the “big payouts.”

Step 4: Checking the available bonuses and promotions

Bonuses allow gamblers to increase their bankrolls without risking their funds. Usually, bonuses are for new customers only and must be wagered. The best bonus you can find is a welcome bonus — matched with your first deposit. Other promotions on the casino’s website might include weekly cashback bonuses and player-of-the-week awards. Here are the best gambling sites with huge bonuses.

How to Ensure You Can Win in…


Winning in slots is not a challenging thing when you comprehend the system. If you want constant small wins, use low-volatility games. If you want bigger payouts and are okay with risks, medium-volatility slots are the way. If you want a legendary 5-digit win, you either play aggressively volatile slots or jackpots. Remember that you must control your bankroll, though! Also, pay attention to the RTP component and combine that significative with the volatility info.

Card games

Strategy, strategy, strategy! Only that can carry you through a game. Learn its rules by heart, practice with friends or in demo modes, and start with casual gamblers’ tables before you challenge pro gamblers and high-rollers.

Sports bets

Sports betting takes a ton of analytics and energy. Yet, research, practice, and caution will carry you. It is advisable to focus on one or two sports and become a betting master at getting the biggest payouts on major events like the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Also, you can try betting on eSports if computer gaming is more attractive to you than physical sports! Know the maximum about the team you are staking on, and never miss a piece of news!

Please Remember the Responsible Gambling Principles

Even the best casino and great skills will not help an irrational gambler. So, be responsible and never gamble on what you must buy essential things for your daily life. Here is the ultimate responsible gambling guide, so you have a comprehensive reminder about all the rules.

Final Words

Becoming a pro gambler is 100% possible. Only it takes discipline, a good bankroll, and finding the right casino. Please remember that every risky money-making campaign makes strategizing necessary. Revise the responsible gambling rules, make your skills flawless, and take the bank! Good luck!

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