Minecraft Wild Update 1.19: What to Expect?

The next big Minecraft update is on its way!

Minecraft Wild Update 1.19 is an upcoming update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It might roll out in mid-2022 and many players are already excited to know more. When Minecraft gets an update, many new and unknown features are added. With the new features will come new glitches too so don’t expect that it will be a bug-free update this year. Most people are hyped regarding the addition of Warden, Fireflies, and Frogs. Other than that, a few other exciting additions are being made to the game with this update. It is expected that the new Minecraft update can get a keyboard-only controls option to play the game. Controlling a game with a keyboard can be quiet like spacebar counter. However, you can play the gamers like the Space Bar Clicker where you will train specifically to press the spacebar. Let’s dig through and find out what features we might get.

New Mobs in Minecraft

The first mob was going to be a pig but when the creator rotated the pigs’ body, the pig became a Creeper. After that, the first friendly mob, pig was added. It was the best source of food in all of Minecraft. After nearly 10 years, many more mobs made it into the game. So, what mobs will come in 1.19, you ask? Mobs that might finally be added in Minecraft Update 1.19 include Frogs, Allays, Fireflies, and Warden.

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Mobs’ Abilities in Minecraft Wild Update 1.19

With the four mobs that are going to be added, they will possess some abilities. Of the four mobs that will be added, three are going to be friendly, while one will be hostile. Frogs, Allay, and Fireflies will be the friendly mobs leaving the Warden as hostile.  Allay will have the ability to collect items so if you were to assign an Allay with the task of fetching certain items, he is going to search for them. This is helpful if you are busy making a house but need some food. Just give your Allay a call and he will be back with some food. Frog will have the ability to eat some other hostile mobs. Frogs will be able to eat up Magma Cubes. They can also be of help if you want to get a trip to the Nether. Firefly won’t really be helpful because all they can do is come out at night and emit some light. They are just like Bats, which also make little to no sense. Warden is going to be one of the strongest hostile mobs in Minecraft. If you ever come across it, good luck slaying it. It can kill a full netherite player with 2 hits so don’t get overhyped with your full iron armor set obtained 15 minutes into the game.

Minecraft Wild Update 1.19
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World Generation in Minecraft 

In 1.17, the developers tried to change world generation but they couldn’t and added some features that no one cared about. In 1.18, they did change world generation a bit. In 1.19, they might add new biomes and trees since the update is called ‘Wild Update’ so they must have decided to make the forests look better too. The Mangrove Swamp is a new biome that will be added to the game. Frogs can be found in this biome.

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Deep Dark

The Deep Dark was supposed to be included in 1.17 or 1.18 but because the developers couldn’t add Warden into the game while making the Warden “better”, they are stating that 1.19 is the update that will finally get to see the Warden in its best shape. Warden and the Deep Dark (which is his home) will come together in Minecraft 1.19.

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Redstone Related Blocks

Sculk Blocks will be added in 1.19. What are Sculks anyway? Warden is blind and always needs some sort of assistance to move towards you. Warden uses Sculks to find out where you are. If you move, the Sculk sensors will get activated and the Warden will be able to make it to your location since he can analyze the signals from those sensors. Sculk sensors can also be used for making some serious Redstone traps. You can sprinkle some Redstone dust onto the Sculk sensors and upon receiving any signal, the sensor will activate the Redstone.

Features That Will be Added in Bedrock Edition After Minecraft Wild Update 1.19

Minecraft Bedrock Edition will have all the features that I have mentioned above with two extra features. There will be over 18 Quintillion seeds and some Java Edition seeds will also work on Minecraft Bedrock. Another feature is the addition of a new GUI. You can try this GUI by playing the beta version of Minecraft Bedrock, which can be downloaded by signing up for Xbox Insider Program.

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