Screen Froze in The Middle of The Slot Spin? Here’s What to Do

Nowadays, many people enjoy playing casino games, especially slot games. The main reason is that there’s a plethora of slot games with various themes, bonus levels and other features to choose from.

If you pair that with NJ online casino promo codes, for instance, to make your play more enjoyable, you can have quite some fun while spinning slots. However, sometimes you can run into an inconvenience, such as a game freezing in the middle of the spin.

Most of the time, it’s due to connection errors or glitches in the game software. It’s nothing to worry about as such issues can be easily fixed. Moreover, the issue won’t affect your progress or your winnings if you were in the middle of a bonus game.

The game didn’t actually crash, the issue was most likely on your end. Just check your balance afterwards. The only real problem is that such issues are frustrating and can ruin your mood. With that in mind, here’s what you can do to fix the screen freezing in the middle of the slot spin.

Re-launch the game

Slot games will halt progress where you left off so don’t worry about the freeze running your progress. If you’re playing at the casino website, simply turn off the game and re-launch it.

You might have to clear browser history and cookies though. The same goes if you’re playing on a mobile app. Just close down the game and the app and start it again. This fix should work 99% of the times when your screen freezes.

Reinstall the app

Most people prefer to play slot games via mobile apps because it’s more convenient that way. If re-launching the game didn’t fix the problem on your mobile app, you may have to reinstall the app altogether.

In most cases, the app software gets bugged and needs to be reinstalled or updated so that you can continue playing. Every software has a flaw somewhere that may cause it to stop working for one reason or another. The good thing is that it won’t affect your playing progress no matter how long it takes to actually fix the issue.

Contact customer support

In rare cases, the problem may persist no matter what you do. That means that the problem is no longer on your side. In such cases, you should contact customer service and support either on the casino website or directly from the app.

Do keep in mind that support staff handles a lot of issues on a daily basis so they may not respond straight away. You may have to wait a while for the problem to be fixed if the devs have to fix the game. It’s frustrating to be sure but there’s not much you can do about it except wait for the problem to be resolved.

Closing Words

Slot games are quite sophisticated nowadays and they usually don’t crash or freeze often. However, there may be a time when a problem does occur. That being said, it’s nothing to worry about as such problems are easily resolved.

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