The Perfect Beach Vacation In Georgia

Georgia has many vacation facets to offer: The country is not only an insider tip for a hiking or cultural vacation. Also the beach vacation is well possible there. We introduce you to five beaches where it is particularly good to relax and enjoy Livekasino.

Those who travel to Georgia to spend their vacation on the beach will mainly stay in the regions of Guria and Adjara. Here you can find some beautiful beaches, which are an exciting contrast to the alpine landscapes of Georgia.

From black sand to rocky beaches and emerald green waters, these beaches are guaranteed to provide the right cooling in the summer.

  1. Kobuleti

Kobuleti beach is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, 28 kilometers from Batumi. It was considered a popular spa resort in the past, and this has not changed until today. Here you can relax on a beach length of almost ten kilometers, but also kite surf or jet ski.

The subtropical climate in the region ensures pleasant water temperatures, so splashing around with small children is no problem either. By the way, the long and wide coast consists mainly of sandy, small and large gravel areas. That’s why we recommend you to wear water shoes, it will help especially when you go into the water.

  1. Batumi

In the port city of the same name in Georgia you can also find Batumi beach. On a length of ten kilometers you can enjoy the sun and the sound of the waves. The beautiful stone beach is one of the most important places to go in Batumi, both for locals and tourists. One of the reasons is that here you can not only relax, but also find many excellent gastronomic opportunities.

From restaurants to cafes to bars: in the surrounding area you will find exciting culinary highlights to satisfy your small or big appetite after a day at the beach. And for a walk afterwards, we recommend the beach promenade, also called Batumi Boulevard, which leads past some green areas and shopping opportunities.

  1. Kvariati

Also not far from Batumi, or rather only 13 kilometers away, is Kvariati beach. This small but beautiful stretch of beach is surrounded by mountains and makes for a more tranquil spot for a getaway. If you like diving, then this section should be just right for you, as you will encounter deep and clear water here.

You will also find exciting wildlife and even remains of sunken ships that will turn your diving trip into a very special adventure. Snacks and drinks are also provided, as cafes and restaurants are located in close proximity to the beach.

And if you feel like water activities: In Kvariati you can go on water bananas or water skiing, rent a boat tour or fly over the sea while parasailing.

  1. Ureki

Away from the stone beach: head to the sandy beach of Ureki. But don’t be alarmed, because the sand here is a bit black in parts, it makes the sea look less clear. However, it is very popular with locals as well as vacationers and invites you to sunbathe and splash around. Did you know that the black sand is also said to have a healing effect? Supposedly because it is magnetic.

Otherwise, a dense pine forest stretches along the coast, enchanting the surroundings with its scent and making you think you’re at a lake – with the difference that you’re looking at the beautiful sea. If you’re looking for a shady spot, you’re sure to find it here – just don’t forget a picnic blanket and mosquito spray.

  1. Green Cape

A real insider tip. Because the beach “Green Cape”, although it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Adjara, is still rather unknown among travelers. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Georgia, you will surely find peace here and will meet few tourists. Rather, it is popular among the locals of Batumi who love to relax on this stretch of beach.

It begins near the famous Botanical Garden and stretches along a narrow strip of coast, which is only about 500 meters long. Once you arrive, an emerald sea awaits you, blending with the rich green colors of nature.

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