The reasons why Australians love pokies so much

Australia is considered the World’s number one country for the popularity of gambling, especially online gambling. And most of all, players in the Land Down Under are fond of pokies. It’s such a hot game in every casino that an establishment operating in Australia simply can’t afford not to have at least a few hundred machines in its collection.

What’s good about pokies

It’s hard not to enjoy pokies. It’s a game that can be approached in many different ways. A player who is tired after a hard day’s work can fall to a comfy chair at home and spin the reels chillingly, relieving stress. Hardcore gamblers on the other hand will come up with many possible strategies and techniques, trying to get the most out of the casinowis game here

Regardless of the game approach, pokies certainly reward the player with some nice emotions, and sometimes even money amounts. Moreover, in some cases, these amounts can be truly astronomical. It is progressive slot prizes that are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest winnings in the casino.

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Types of pokies in AU

There are many types of pokies in the world. Despite the passion of Australians for pokies, their preference for slot types is not much different from the world. Likewise, the strict local gambling laws don’t limit any of the types of pokies. Therefore, every popular type can be found in online casinos.

Pokies differ in many ways. For example, the number of reels, paylines, winning combinations, symbols, both regular and special, and much more. There are significant differences between regular pokies and video slots, as well as 3D pokies as their development. Let’s look at some differences

Type of pokies Features
Classic The most common slots, most often 3-reel with 1 payline and a small set of symbols. Suitable for the most conservative pokies fans
Video pokies The same idea as the classic slots, but almost every aspect is more varied. This is made possible by the transition of pokies from a physical form to a digital one
Progressive This is another parameter of pokies, but it is very important. In progressive slots, a share of the cash spent by the player goes into the total prize pool. The player who hit the jackpot gets all that money, and the amount is sometimes 7 digits
High Payout Pokies As the name implies, these are pokies with frequent and quite significant payouts, in other words, with a very high RTP. Usually, they cannot boast of large jackpots, but it is possible to make money on them
Multi-Player Pokies These are the pokies where several players simultaneously participate on a shared or combined screen, and they often interact with each other. A unique gaming experience
Multi-Spin Pokies This is rather a feature of pokies, rather than their whole type, but it is still worth highlighting. In such slots, the player has the opportunity to spin several sets of reels at once, and the winnings can increase many times in the case of a hit on several paylines at once

Pokies bonuses

There are two types of bonuses: those provided by the casino and those that are built into the slot itself.

Casino pokies bonuses

Australian casinos always give their players bonuses, and in most cases, they are either free spins or bonus money that can be spent on these free spins. The opportunity to spin the reels for free is a very favorable offer for those who want to make money on the slots, and for those who simply want to play longer.

Despite the fact that Australian online casinos give players very lucrative offers, you should be careful and examine these conditions yourself.

Pokies integrated bonuses

On the other hand, built-in bonuses promise the player nothing but benefits. Anything from wilds to jackpots can be counted as bonuses in slots. Let’s take a look at their types.

Special symbols Wilds, scatters, and others. Increase the variation of winning combinations and generally increase the chances of winning
Free spins One or more free spins on certain conditions, such as a combination of special symbols. These are given unconditionally and often with an increased multiplier
Multipliers Increase the winnings by a certain amount, if certain conditions are met
Jackpots A chance to win a certain, sometimes large sum of money, regardless of the outcome of the spin
Mini-games Game within a game. Significantly enhances the possibilities of the player and brings variety to the gameplay



Online casinos in Australia have a lot to offer for slot lovers, no doubt about it. And if you want to try this exciting kind of game, don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, read the other pokies articles on our website to choose the most suitable and most profitable slot for you. Good luck!

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