Top 5 Games for Online ESports Betting

Esport betting has been a recent discovery in the gambling industry. You can place the bet on any esport game the same as you do with traditional betting – choose one of the bookmakers, the game you like and gamble some money. It’s worth mentioning that not many multiplayer games are played in official tournaments, although in general online games with a couple of players can be considered an esport. In this article we’ll be talking about top 5 games for online esports betting.

Top games for esports betting

More and more people are attracted to esports games every day: players are joining to win the competitions and get those huge prize pools and viewers keep coming to watch their favorite games and do some betting. A lot of popular gaming websites have already included esports in their markets so you won’t look for the sportsbook for long. Below we listed a couple of video games that have the biggest attention from the customers all over the world.



This gem by Epic Games has been on the video gaming radar for the last couple of years. In this battle royale game the players with the team on their own are dropped into a map alongside 99 other players. In the course of a game you have to find weapons and various items while moving through the map. The last player left will be the winner of the game. Fortnite has its firm place in the esports market because it provides better odds. And also with constant updates in the game process, Fortnite is regularly changing the betting scene which makes it even more interesting.

Call of Duty

call of duty

Call of Duty has been around for a long time now and there was a moment when it seemed to pass its glory to the newer games. But with the latest installment and the Battle Royale mode this franchise has made its way back to the best betting platforms. Betting on this first-person shooter video game is very easy and some sportsbooks even allow betting with cryptocurrency! Sports betting bitcoins is the great choice for instant betting — it credits betting accounts in a second and is easy to withdraw. Also it has insignificant fees for cover.

League of legends

​​League of legends

This game has the title of the most played multiplayer game in the world. League of legends itself is available for the players with different levels of expertise, but, on the other hand, betting on it might be quite a challenge for the unexperienced bettors. The reason for it is that a lot of factors are always changing and it’s difficult to guess a winner. But considering the fact that a League of Legends World Championship has been held regularly for almost a decade, the fans of a game can pretty much navigate their way around the tournament and make some money betting on it.


dota 2

DOTA 2 is probably the most popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) video game worldwide produced by Valve. With millions of viewers joining every year and hundreds of players competing for worthy awards it is no surprise that most of the esport betting platforms choose to feature this game. Betting on DOTA 2 is almost the same as betting on the League of Legends in terms that it’s quite hard for the new bettors to predict the outcome. Besides staking bets on the winner, you can also bet on who’s going to draw the first blood.



When you think about sports betting, the first thing that comes to mind is football. So it was quite a natural thing to put the virtual version of football on the gambling market as well. FIFA esports has all the traditional aspects of a real game – players, teams, tournaments and follows the same rules. There is though a small difference in the betting process itself as bettors don’t wager on the entire team, but on the individual player.


Esports betting constantly continues solidifying its place on the betting platforms even though it’s very new. Every year more and more people, viewers and participants, become fans of esports. You can also wage on your favorite game and win some money with this great experience!

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