Which of the teams in the final of the World Cup was bet on by real experts from Parimatch?

The most anticipated and discussed sporting event in 2022 was the FIFA World Cup. The final was held from November to December 2022 in Qatar, where 32 of the strongest teams entered the field in the fight for a place in the standings. First, according to the rules of the Championship, a group stage was held, then playoff matches, after the teams fought for third place, and the next day the winner who took first place became known. Everyone knows that the first place was taken by Argentina, the second – by France, and the third – by Croatia. But did all football experts predict the victory of the Argentine team and who was even seen in the top three?

Before the Championship, many experts gave their predictions for the results of the matches. These predictions could be studied on various review sites and bookmakers. Parimatch clients made many bets on the victory of certain teams and many of them turned out to be close to victory. Parimatch is played not only by beginners but also by experienced users who have a certain knowledge of football. It is this knowledge, statistics, and intuition that allows you to win on bets. In Parimatch, each place bet online offered favorable odds and timely crediting of winnings at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is why many Cypriots chose this bookmaker for their bets.

2022 FIFA World Cup betting favorites

The size of the coefficient in the bookmaker’s office is determined by the demand for the outcome of the event by users. There is an initial indicator, and it changes depending on how often the players bet on one and the other team. This initial indicator is chosen under the conditions of who will play in a particular match. At the 2022 FIFA World Cup, experts predicted victory for the following teams:

  • Brazil;
  • Argentina;
  • France;
  • England;
  • Germany.

In many Football Championships, in absentia, users bet on the top five teams, because in recent years they have had the strongest squads.

Experts and extras help to decide who can compete for prizes in the Championship. Since they immediately set a list of possible winners, casino players place bets on them most often. From this, the overall coefficient changes, and the favorites are determined by the betting company Parimatch.

Football Championship on Parimatch website

The bookmaker carefully prepared for the start of a large-scale football event announced the dates of the matches and offered to place bets. Good marketing and favorable conditions brought to the bookmaker both beginners in betting and experienced players. Each of them could profitably bet on their favorite team or the predictable result of one of the teams. On the site, you can choose the main types of bets, and it was also possible to bet in real-time.

FIFA World Cup 2

It was much easier for users to bet in live mode in football matches at the Championship, albeit at reduced odds. These types of bets mean that the prediction is made right during a sporting event, in which the results can already be seen. The most unpredictable were the final matches in the struggle for third, second, and first place. The third position was taken by Croatia, which was by no means among the favorites, but played well in group matches and finished third in the standings. The final match, in which Argentina or France could have been the winner, ended in a penalty shootout. It was they who brought victory to Argentina in a difficult battle with the French because in regular time the teams played with a score of 3:3.

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