10 Most Important Languages to Learn

For survival in this digital world, we all need communication. But one language is definitely not enough. We need several languages and we should learn at least more than one of them. English and Spanish are the most spoken languages all over the world. You can learn them by finding an English Tutor and Spanish tutor. Here are stunning platforms where you can learn the 10 most important languages!

The 10 most important languages to learn are:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Mandarin
  4. French
  5. Japanese
  6. Korean
  7. Portuguese
  8. Russian
  9. Arabic
  10. German

1. English:

The world’s most spoken language is English, which is an Indo-European language in the West Germanic language group. Geoffery Chaucer is considered the father of the English language. There are varieties of English, including Australian English, Canadian English, Filipino English, and Ugandan English, among others. English provides job opportunities and helps to develop skills that are more important for students. It gives online professional tutors who help everyone to develop their skills in any language.

2. Spanish:

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries. It is basically a Romance language of the Indo-European language family. By learning Spanish, you will be able to be more competitive in the workplace. This language makes you more enjoyable, helps you travel more to different places, and it will not take more time to learn. Juan Carlos is considered the father of the Spanish language.

3. Mandarin:

Three of the 10 most important languages to learn is Mandarin. It has more benefits in business because they can tap into the Chinese market. After learning this language, you can travel more because you know you will be able to communicate with many people. Flat, rising, falling, then rising and falling, are the four tones of this language.

4. French:

It is also a romantic language and it is spoken by 220 million people all over the world. Louis is the father of this language. This is the second most useful language for business. Knowing This makes you smarter and helps you lead and earn higher earnings. The United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, and other organizations use French as a working language, so learning it will help you find work in these organizations.

5. Japanese:

Japanese is a language that is spoken in East Asia. Native speakers number around 128 million. This language helps to improve your communication and cognitive skills. But it has a completely different grammatical structure than English, and that might take some time to learn. Hiragana, katakana, and kanji are the three systems of the Japanese language. It is number five out of the 10 most important languages to learn.

6. Korean:

Korean is a member of the Northern Asian language family. It has around 80.4 million (2020) native speakers. This was heavily influenced by the Chinese. King Sejong is the father of this language. It was ranked number 18 as the most useful language in the world. Nowadays, students prefer Korea for higher education, so knowing this is going to be very useful for all students.

7. Portuguese:

Several independent countries use the Portuguese language now. Such as Angola, Brazil, East Timor, Macau, Cape Verde, etc. Basically, it is easy for English speakers to learn quickly. More than 274 million people all over the world use Portuguese to express their thoughts. It has the longest word that containing 29 words. Portuguese also helps with diplomacy and economic development. It has immense popularity, which opens the door to a rich culture.

8. Russian:

Russian is an East Slavic language that is widely spoken throughout Russia. Alexander Pushkin is considered the father of the Russian language. It is distinct in both sound and structure. If you want to learn this language, then you need to crack some complex grammar, which has numerous exceptions. This is a highly rewarding and highly regarded skill in the Russian language.

9. Arabic:

Around 292 million people use this language as their mother tongue. This is written from left to the right, which is called abjad. This is a Central Semitic language. This language was chosen by Allah and the Quran is written in this language, so every Muslim must learn this language. It has 28 letters. Without knowing this, prayer and reading the Quran becomes difficult.

10. German:

Learning German can be a bit difficult, but you are going to make German, as well as other languages, easier for you to learn. This language might seem tricky at first, but do not get discouraged. Bishop Ulfilas created the Germanic language first. It serves as a gateway to world-class higher education, and it has produced numerous significant works. So, to read those, you need to learn this language.


The teachers of these platforms can teach 46 different languages. We just saw some languages and their importance in our lives. This company lets you set your own rate and helps you learn your preferred languages with the help of professional and experienced teachers.

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