Apple Arcade Dedicated Gaming Device: Is Apple Working on it?

Apple may be working on a new device dedicated entirely to gaming.

iPod Touch 7 as an Apple Arcade Dedicated Gaming Device

Some people are referring to iPod Touch 7 as Apple Arcade dedicated gaming device. iOS 13 and Apple Arcade have been launched since the new iPod Touch 7 came out almost 8 months ago. Apple has marketed iPod Touch 7 as a highly portable device that could be used for listening to music, playing some casual games and browsing the internet. iPod Touch 7 is definitely not a device dedicated to gaming (considering the fact that it packs A10 Fusion with only 2 GB RAM) and Apple has not entered the video gaming section to challenge Microsoft and Sony to date. However, with Sony and Microsoft introducing its next-generation consoles, Apple may also be entering the competition this time by launching a new device dedicated entirely to gaming.

PS5 and Xbox Series X won’t be portable at all if compared to mobile phones but gaming on mobile has become a trend these days. Therefore, Apple will most probably try to grab a huge share of the gaming market by releasing a mobile device for playing games from Apple Arcade. Also read about, How to Sign Out of Fortnite.

iPod Touch 7 is not the Apple Arcade Dedicated Gaming Device We Want

We could call the iPod Touch 7 as Apple Arcade dedicated gaming device but there are a few reasons why it can’t be called so:

  1. One of the weaknesses of iPod Touch 7 is its tiny screen size. If you have a fairly big palm, you could easily crush the iPod if someone knocked you out in a battle royale game. Games requiring larger screen (PUBG, for instance) do perform pretty well but you won’t feel it playing on the iPod.
  2. iPod’s sound outlets are also placed so wrong. There is a single speaker on the device at the bottom so you could easily block the outlets while playing in landscape mode. That would muffle the sound and the experience would be ruined.

Need for Power Advancements

iPod Touch 7 is severely underpowered if it is considered a gaming device. iPod Touch 7 comes with an A10 Fusion chip clocked at 1.62 GHz paired with just 2 GB RAM. You should keep it in mind that there will be drops in frames while playing graphics intense games.

Apple has advertised the iPod Touch 7 as an Apple Arcade dedicated highly portable gaming system. However, there are a few downsides to the experience and performance of iPod Touch 7 in gaming. Therefore, Apple may be up for introducing an Apple Arcade dedicated gaming device and take the mobile gaming experience to the next level.

iPod Touch
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Final Insight on Apple Arcade Dedicated Gaming Device

Other devices including iPad 2019, iPad Air, iPhone XR are not dedicated gaming devices but they do run the games available on Apple Arcade pretty well. However, fans may be looking for something made entirely for gaming rather than an all-in-one device.

Would you invest in an Apple Arcade dedicated device? The Cupertino based giant may be introducing a new device made for games and gamers in its September event this year. Will Apple enter the mobile gaming section and take Apple Arcade to the next level in 2020? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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