ATLAS Readies Itself For Xbox and Cross-Play Launch Today

After a rocky launch, ATLAS seeks to reinvent itself and honor its playerbase's demands.

  • After months of delays, highly anticipated MMORPG ATLAS will release crossplay capabilities for Xbox and PC.
  • The update will wipe all data from the ongoing beta, and some downtime is expected.
  • The developers have also been working towards improving the server performance for a better experience.

ATLAS will finally be launching as part of Xbox One’s Game Preview today. Starting today, players will be able to download the game and queue up with players from either Xbox or PC. Crossplay support will need a Steam account and a Microsoft account to play together in the same game world. The update will land at 12 PM EST today.

What’s New In Today’s ATLAS Update?

ATLAS is one of the most controversial MMORPGs to come out lately. The first Early Access in December 2018 left a lot of players frustrated with the game due to bugs and other server issues. The developers have been following player feedback closely to improve the experience. While it might not have the popularity of games like WoW, it is big on ambition, and we will get a sneak peek of what’s to come tonight.

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It is expected that the servers will go down for a while before 12 PM EST to prepare for the update. If you are part of the early access and want to play with your friends on either Xbox or Steam, make sure that you go in-game and enable crossplay once the update hits.

One of the biggest changes to the game for Xbox players is the full custom keybinds that should put PC and Xbox players on par with each other. A new Wild Pirate system is being added to the game along with single player and private session modes if you do not want to play multiplayer.

Image Credit: ATLAS

ATLAS will also see a number of new items and smaller changes tonight which includes the following:

  • New world map
  • New biome
  • 70 updated island templates and graphical improvements
  • 20 new cosmetics
  • Improved matchmaking and server performance
  • Custom bindings
  • Wild Pirate Camps
  • New Pistol
  • Cats!

Once the update lands tonight, you will be able to access all of the new content. We are excited to try the game out and can’t wait to see what the update has in store for us. Are you excited about the update? Let us know in the comments below.

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