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Flying in Minecraft: Kill the Ender Dragon and Get the Elytra!

Flying in Minecraft Survival Mode isn't as easy as pressing the jump button twice as in Creative Mode.

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Flying in Minecraft

Flying in Minecraft is easy if you are playing in Creative Mode. For instance, you could just press on that jump button twice (if you are in Minecraft PE) and go flying. However, acquiring the flying ability in Survival Mode will give you a tough time. And cheats don’t work on the console version of the game so console players have no option than to actually slay the Ender Dragon. Killing the Ender Dragon is something that will work across all editions of Minecraft.

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Have you heard about Elytra? That’s the name of the wing, which you will acquire by defeating the Ender Dragon. Locating a pair of Elytra is the only way to attain the flying ability in survival mode without activating any cheats. The process itself is very tedious for getting your hands on a pair of these elite wings coming from the Ender Dragon. The wing becomes available only towards the end of the game in the final zone.

Read on to figure out how to defeat the Ender Dragon and acquire the legendary Elytra before finally jumping off a clip and soaring into the horizon.

First, you will need to go to the End Zone via the End Portal. Ender Dragon is your last enemy and once you kill him, you will have successfully completed the whole game. Once you defeat the Ender Dragon, it’s time to find the Gateway portal.

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flying in minecraft
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Acquiring the Elytra to Fly in Minecraft

Gateway Portal is so small that you can’t squeeze through to the other side. In order to get to the other side, you must throw an Ender Pearl into the portal, and you will be teleported. You will be taken to an island within the End Zone.

End City will have tall towers made of purple and yellow blocks. You may have to explore the End Zone for a considerable amount of time before finally coming across an End City.

Each End City is most likely to be hosting an End Ship in the nearby water body. There will be a Shulker guarding the treasure chest in the cabin so you might want to be extra careful while entering the End Ship.

You have come a long way into finding yourself a pair of Elytra. There will be an item frame alongside the treasure chest. Break it to see a pair of Elytra drop on the floor. You can now equip these wings on your chest slot.

Once you have armed the Elytra, you will find your gliding in the air in no time. Since you will be flying, you will lose height slowly and even move forward as you descend. Want to gain altitude? Press the ‘Up’ button. But be very careful while rising because you don’t want to treat yourself with a mid-air stall. If you gain altitude quickly, you will be stalled, and you will fall even faster.

Flying in Minecraft Creative Mode

If you are playing the Creative Mode on PC, it’s very easy to fly around.

  1. Tap the jump button (or Space Bar in PC) twice. You will be airborne.
  2. To gain altitude, press and hold the jump button. The arrows can be used for moving forward, backward, right and left.
  3. If you double tap the jump button while flying, you will start dropping. However, you won’t bear any damage in creative mode and therefore, it’s completely safe to do so. Things will turn pretty violent in survival mode if you lose altitude quickly.
  4. If you want to come down, you can press the sneak button (or Shift button in your PC). You will lose the ability to gain altitude after touchdown. You have to reactivate flying by double tapping the jump button.

Elytra will eventually wear down. They can be repaired by crafting with leather in an anvil. Flying may not be available if you are running an older version of the game because gliding was introduced only in Minecraft 1.9 (on February 2016). Also keep in mind that console used for entering cheats is not available in Pocket Edition of the game.

Comments section is yours to discuss how to defeat the Ender Dragon and acquire the legendary Elytra. Read Next: Free Steam Codes.

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