Divinity Original Sin 2 Wiki: How to Make The Most Out of Your Time In This Exotic RPG

One of the greatest old-school RPGs of our generation needs your attention right now!

In our Divinity Original Sin 2 Wiki, we will take a closer look at what the isometric single-player co-op game has to offer to long term RPG fans. The popular title from last year makes use of tactical turn-based mechanics and thrown in co-op gameplay to the mix. Like all great RPGs, your actions have consequences and you need to be careful about every decision that you take.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Wiki Overview

Divinity Original Sin 2 Wiki
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Divinity’s world involves a lot of choices and consequences. The Divinity franchise is a crowdfunded game that saw a lot of player input go into the mechanics of the title. Your origin story can vary greatly depending on the character that you choose. With the gameplay editor, you have full control over how you want your game to play out.

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Game Master Mode

The highlight of the game is the new Game Master mode. It allows you to fully customize your campaign which essentially means you get to be a dungeon master. This is similar to various RPG creators we have seen on various platforms and being able to design your own story is something you want to experience with. If not, you can get the full curated experience from the original campaign in the game.


The events of Divinity: Original Sin 2 take place decades the events of Divinity: Original Sin. With Bishop Alexandar taking center stage in the sequel along with those who want to protect the sanctity of the eerie Divine Order. All Sourcerers have been marked as criminals and anyone with Source powers is subject to being hunted and stripped of all powers. Those who face the unfortunate fate of their powers being stripped are left with no emotion or free will left behind.

You play one of the four Sourcerers with a bounty on all Sourcerer’s heads. You have to go through the whole campaign without being able to trust anyone. Be careful about your choices and try to look out for pointers that indicate a particular NPC is not to be trusted. Betrayal and deception are going to be two recurring themes in the campaign when you start off so you need to be very careful!

Divinity Original Sin 2 Game
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There are multiple playable character races to choose from. Here is everything you need to know about the new campaign in Divinity Original Sin 2 Wiki.

Origins: All new character races that can be selected are not just purely cosmetic. Each race has its own perks and advantages. The story and gameplay also get severely affected by the choice you make at the character selection screen. Unlike the first game, you can also pick the Undead as one of the character choices.

The Source: You are being hunted because you are a Sourcere, a being that is capable of tapping into the power of The Source.

Skills: There are new skills to pick up apart from the ones you normally start with. Two additional player voted skill trees were added by the developers once the game completed development and are fully driven by player choice.

Characters: There are over 1200 characters that are fully voice acted and over 74,000 unique voice lines are part of the tale. It adds to the replayability and makes it a very immersive experience.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Divinity Original Sin 2 Wiki, we hope you enjoy the game. Let us know your thoughts about the RPG in the comments below.

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