Old School RuneScape – tips for beginners on what to do and how to level up

Old School RuneScape is an old MMO project that covers the popular RPG genre and lots of monster hunting and player-to-player battles on game servers.

Developers rely on dialogue with the community to bring changes in the form in which players expect them.

What to do in the game for a beginner

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Get trained

This is universal, but perhaps boring advice for someone. In order to master the basic game mechanics, the battle system, interact with NPCs and other players, and understand the pumping system, it is always recommended to take training. In all games, it lasts at different times, but the game developers themselves are interested in not dragging out this process, they explain only the most important thing for a comfortable game.

Quest system

From the first minutes of the game, it will become clear to you that Old School RuneScape is a game with a quest leveling system. Yes, you will have freedom of action to gain experience and gold, but in order to learn the game ENT, quickly pump over and earn gold, you need to follow the quest system or buy osrs gold.

But the quest system in the game world is built reasonably.

  •  She will lead you by the hand to key places, allowing you to have fun hunting, in parallel to inspect the surroundings and move around the game zones.
  •  The player will quickly understand all the available game activities through the quest system. The character will face various content and difficulties while teaching the player the intricacies of the game.
  •  You can always abandon quests in favor of other entertainment and return to them later. The game does not limit the gaming possibilities to the detriment of pleasure.
  •  The quest system will bring the player the long-awaited armor and weapons that will be useful for further progression of the game. If you abandon the quest system, then armor and weapons will have to be found or crafted on your own.

The game by quests explains to the player about the basic game skills and how to implement them in the most effective way. Part of the tasks will gradually reveal the main game plot to you and open up new locations and NPCs.

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The game has a skill development system through regular use, and it’s not just about attacking and defensive skills. Fishing, hunting, mining, fire-building, and herbal gathering skills are also upgraded through use.

The player can develop up to seventeen skills if using the free version of the game and up to 28 for playing with a premium subscription.

Don’t forget to level up your cooking and potions – these skills will help you not only survive in battle, but also make it easier to hunt monsters.

The character must be well-fed, well-equipped and have a powerful weapon, carry a free bag to store the extracted resources. The more empowering potions and healing potions you have with you, the better.

Monsters and bosses

Like any MMO world, Old School RuneScape is inhabited by many monsters and bosses so that players can get the right monsters to their level and level up comfortably, and bosses are needed to get the most difficult and valuable reward.

Pay attention to the ratio of your level and the monster you are going to attack. How much damage you inflict and what damage you receive in return depends on this – pick up enemies that you can defeat with minimal losses. It makes no sense to fight an enemy that will take five minutes to kill and all the available healing potions for a handful of gold and a minimum of experience. Look for opponents to match, or improve weapons.

Learn and use combinations of skills.

If the character knows how to use stun and poison skills, use them to make leveling easier. Until the monster hits you, you do not lose health, and when poisoned, the opponent already loses health.

Gradually, you will learn to use all the skills in the right order and apply them at the right time and in the right place.

Always pay attention to the enemy’s weak points. Almost every monster has strengths and weaknesses. It is useless to beat someone with a crossbow, but it is easy to destroy armed with a sword. Moreover, the weak and strong sides are far from always obvious at first glance – always read the description of the monster before attacking, even if you are on the defensive. Properly chosen tactics and weapons simplify the process of killing and reduce the amount of resources needed to win.

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