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Apex Legends Wingman Tricks

Today we are looking at some tips and tricks for Apex Legends Wingman.

Apex Legends is one of the best games of 2019. The game has won several awards around the world. However, Respawn Entertainment and EA do not want to stop here. They want to carry Apex Legends to new heights. Recently, EA announced that Apex Legends was their best game in the market. Therefore, they will try to relocate some additional developers to this game. Of course, this is a big statement coming for a free-to-play game. EA lost several big titles in the last years, and they do not want to make the same mistakes with Apex Legends. After the Anthem fail Apex Legends is seen as a rescuer.

Apex Legends had some overpowered weapons in the past. In the beginning, maybe the most OP weapon was Wingman. This thing shredded players with huge damage potential, and a fast fire rate. Even though the weapon was a revolver, it was performing better than the automatic weapons. Therefore after a couple of weeks, it got huge nerfs. But this did not stop players from using it. The reason is simple. This is because of the damage potential. If you can get a headshot with Wingman, you are doing on average 90 damage, and this is a huge damage potential. Good players know about this and use it.

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  • Wingman Fire Rate

So how do they use this? First of all, players need to get themselves acquainted with the fire rate. Apex Legends Wingman has a fire rate of 2.6 shots per second. This is slow compared to other weapons however the damage potential is bigger than most. If you can land your shots mostly two headshots are enough to eliminate them. Learning the fire rate will help you a lot.

  • Wingman Practice

Top tier players generally spend some time in the practice range. This will allow you to get a feeling of the weapon. You can practice by making headshots. Our suggestion is to try to use a 1x-2x for practice. You can easily switch for longer shots. Both of these sights are easy to use and very common. Try to practice fast aiming and flickshotting. These are very important, to train flick shot first aim to space, and later headshot a target, afterward, aim back again to the same empty spot. This will give you an idea about the distance and how much you need to move our mouse around.

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Apex Legends Wingman
Image Credit: Apex Legends
  • Wingman Headshots

Making headshots with Wingman is easier than most weapons because it is a revolver. To get more headshots, you need to learn where to aim for example in a window or a doorway first, get yourself acquainted with the head level of player models. This is very crucial. Just aim at your friend’s head when they are standing around, and after some time you will be able to learn the patterns.

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