How Gambling Sites Make Profit

As a gambler, you must have thought that gambling sites and bookmakers make a lot of profit. Gamblers have always said they make money from the losses, while some disagree with this. If bookmakers make money when gamblers lose, the question then is, did they lose money when gamblers win?

We will explain some of the tricks you’ve always wanted to know about gambling sites in this piece. Likewise, we will describe the four primary ways gamblers make a profit from betting activities. This understanding is a secret that can help a gambler. It aids strategic betting, which consequently produces winning results but not always.

How Do Gambling Sites Operate?

Gambling sites operate in a simple way. They take money from gamblers who stake on the available games to pay winners accordingly. Since gambling is a game of chance mostly, you will always have some losers whose stakes now belong to the bookmakers or gambling site. The truth is, every gambling site desires to rake in more money than payouts.

Meanwhile, gambling sites cannot determine the outcome of the game. However, they can set the odds to be favourable to them. As such, they will be able to minimize their loss regardless of the game outcome. This has been the strategy of major gambling sites.

What Is an Odd and A Payout?

The likelihood that a gambler is going to win a bet is called an odd. The odds are a ratio of possible outcomes of a game to a hundred, which is a perfect chance. The gambling site always has the edge over a player. As a result, the odds are created to be against the gambler.

Payouts are the total payable amount a player receives after winning a bet. It is the product of the amount bet and the game odd. You get payouts as a reward for winning the bookmakers in the gamble. Nonetheless, the gambling sites have been structured to maintain profit whether a gambler wins or loses.

Three Ways Gambling Sites Make Profit

Operating a gambling site is a business. The aim of operating a business is to make money. As such, gambling sites like online casinos, sports betting, and bingo sites ensure profit through some strategies. The following are strategies adopted by gambling sites to make money;

  • Setting the vigorish

The vigorish, also known as vig or juice, is the margin between the winning odds and the losing odds. It is built into the odds to give a profit advantage to the bookmakers regardless of the game outcome. Consider a game with an odds of 2.0 and 100 players place a bet of $10 each. If 50 players win and 50 players lose, the bookmakers will have a total payout of $1000, equivalent to the total bet.

The scenario above shows that the bookmakers will make no profit in that case. Therefore, to secure a profit, the bookmakers can adjust the odds to 1.8. Consequently, the payout for 50 winners will be $900. As such, the bookmakers will secure a profit of $100 on the game.

  • The balance book strategy

There are cases where the vigorish strategy may not work. This is a situation where the betting is heavier on one side than the other. The vigorish method may as well result in a loss on the side of the bookmakers. As such, the need to adopt the balance book strategy.

Gambling sites increase the odds on a side with a low bet in the balance book strategy. This may also demand the need to reduce the bet on the team with the highest bet action. Therefore, gamblers are encouraged to risk betting on the team with the high bet. Consequently, the bet action becomes balanced or almost close.

  • The square and the sharp strategy

Gamblers are categorized into two major groups by gambling site; the squares and the sharps. The squares are a set of people who are casual gamblers. It makes up the highest percentage of players on a gambling site. They take betting as luck and play for recreation.

The sharps are the opposite of the squares. They are professional gamblers with a record of massive winning. They are experts who play once in a while after a careful analysis of a game. The bookmakers and gambling sites usually take note of such people.

When betting is on, the gambling site looks out for the action of the sharps. Therefore, they reduce the odds and increase the odds for the opposite action. As such, people are discouraged from following the sharps bet action. The gambling site will be able to maintain profit if the bet action becomes balanced.


The bookmakers and gambling sites owners are running a business. They must make profits. Unfortunately, they make this profit from the gambler’s bets. Therefore, they must adopt strategies to ensure a profit is made in every game outcome. However, gamblers who understand this strategy can learn to position themselves for winning consistently.

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