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How to Create a Gaming Podcast from Scratch?

Podcasts are audio blogs or online broadcasts that can be easily downloaded to an MP3 player and listened to at any time convenient for the user. These are individual files or a regularly updated series of such files published at a single address on the Internet. The word ‘podcast’ comes from the words ‘iPod’ (Apple’s mp3 player) and ‘broadcast’. There is a double term of the podcast – ‘podcasting’. It means a way of disseminating audio or video information on the Internet. The podcast is an alternative to broadcasting and television because it does not require frequency licensing and is available at any time convenient for the listener.

Many people create podcasts today, but not every podcast is popular on the web. It is very important to think over the idea in detail, choose a title, and ensure high-quality sound. It depends on this whether the created podcast will attract the attention of the audience. Experts also recommend using transcription services to make a podcast available to even more people. Pay attention that today you can quickly and easily hire a transcriber on the online platform It gathered a team of professional human transcribers who make affordable transcripts of any volume.

If you want to create an effective gaming podcast, read the important information on the topic below. You’ll learn how to begin work, what tools to use, and how to run a podcast.

Defining the Purpose of Creating a Podcast

Before you start choosing your podcast title, format, and duration, ask yourself one simple question. Why are you starting a gaming podcast? Here are some goals you can pursue:

  • Gain potential customers, expand the audience;
  • Become a recognized leader in a particular field;
  • Share important messages;
  • Have fun, etc.

Having a goal will make it easier for you to achieve the result you need.

How to Choose an Interesting Topic?

To create good podcasts, you need to find your niche and choose interesting topics. You already have a niche. This is a gaming podcast. As for the choice of topic, then you need to focus on the target audience and think about what will be interesting to listeners.

After selecting some actual themes, you will probably notice that similar topics have been covered before. That’s why you need to interest the listeners, and for this, you only need to be yourself. And then, a podcast will have unique insights, vision, style, and sound. It can be a different experience for your audience, and many people will want to listen to you.

Things Needed to Set Up a Podcast

For a professional podcast setup, you’ll need a few things to start work. Firstly, a website or blog where people can learn more about you and your podcast. Secondly, the equipment to record your podcast. Lastly, you need the right tools to publish your podcast online so that you can get the most downloads and subscribers.

Most podcasters use separate podcast hosting services for their files. This is the most effective way to run a podcast. You can use free services (such as Anchor) or paid media hosting platforms for podcasts (such as Blubrry).

Podcasting Equipment

As the number and quality of your podcasts grow, you will learn about new tools that you can use in your work. However, the most important tool is a good microphone. Try not to use your computer’s built-in microphone for recording. The sound quality will be low. Experts recommend Samson C01U, Rode Podcaster, and others. You should always check the microphone instruction manual to see what functions it has, all technical specifications and how to use it. You can choose the one that suits you best in terms of quality and price.

Planning the First Releases of a Gaming Podcast

Before you start recording, you need to plan your podcast releases. Here are some important decisions to make:

  • Content of the podcast. What will be the topics for the first releases? You can work on the content by first creating a general framework and then delving into the details;
  • Duration of releases. Podcasts can last from 20 minutes to more than one hour. Today, there are no specific strict rules as to what the ideal duration of a release should be. The duration of podcasts depends on the content and audience;
  • Design. Think of introductory and background music, sounds, and other design elements that you can add to a gaming podcast to create the effect you want;
  • Working scheme and script. You can speak impromptu. However, having a script will help you keep track of the results and improve the content during the recording process.

Recording of the First Podcast

To record a podcast, you need audio recording software. It will help to record and edit audio files. Most podcasters use Audacity. This free software helps you professionally record and edit studio-quality podcasts.

After installing Audacity, you need to open it and create a new project. To record your voice, just press the record button. Don’t worry about long pauses, coughing, or any recording interruptions, because you can edit a podcast as much as you want. After editing, the podcast must be exported. Podcasters usually export their files in MP3 format because they are small in size and of good quality.

Podcast Cover and Short Description 

The cover is the first thing listeners see. Therefore, it should clearly demonstrate what the podcast is about and attract the audience’s attention. A good description of the podcast is also important. You should describe your record in one paragraph, indicating the most important information.

Podcast Publishing

Think about where you will publish the podcast. You can use special platforms such as Anchor, Google Podcast, SoundCloud, etc.

In conclusion, we should note that adding your podcast to a list of top directories is critical to success. For maximum coverage, you should cooperate with a reliable transcription company, such as Transcriberry. The experts of this online platform provide professional transcription online services, the use of which can significantly increase your chances of creating a unique podcast of interest to a wide audience. Don’t miss the opportunity to get professional services and create a really good podcast!

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