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How to Play Witch It! With Friends

Are you looking for a video game that can help you start socializing and creating new friends? Welcome to the fascinating world of Witch It!. Witch It! is a fun-to-play multiplayer hide and seek game. Here is all you need to know about this game and how you can help your team win.

Finding a match

Finding a match

Launch the game and then select Play. You will be presented with three options:

1. Quick match

It allows you to connect to an open session. You will have an option to include custom matches.

2. Server List

It allows you to connect to either a custom or an official session. These sessions are sorted by server name, amount of players, game mode, map name, and name. Europe, USA, Australia, and Hong Kong are the only four official servers.

3. Custom match

Selecting this option lets you host your own session. To do this, you have to turn your computer into a server. Hosting your own session will allow you to adjust or disable some gameplay mechanics.

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After joining the session of your choice, you will find a match in the “Waiting for all players to be ready” state, this gives you some minutes for preparing. The match will start after its time has run up or when all players are marked as ready. If it has already started, you will become a spectator.

You can either play as a hunter or as a witch. Hunters are locked in a room during the hiding time. At this time when the hunters are locked in the rooms, the witches spread and hide at different locations on the map. After some time, the gates of the room where the hunters are open allow them to roam the map searching for the witches.

The hunting team wins when it manages to catch all the witches on different locations on the map or when the last witch in the game quits the session. The Witches team when the last hunter quits the game and when the seeking time is over. When the game ends, the players vote to choose the map for the next match from the available three options.


1. Hide and seek

In this game mode, a team of hunters roams around the map searching for witches who then become their spectators after getting captured.

2. Modification

In this game mode, a small team of hunters roams the map searching for witches that then become hunters after they are captured.

3. Creative

In this game mode, the player creates custom maps and prop layouts by editing the structures.

4. Hunt a hug

In this game mode, a small team of hunters roams the map looking for witches that then become hunters after they are captured.

5. Fill a pot

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Tips for playing as a hunter

Tips for playing as a hunter

Hunters are the energetic beings that roam the map searching and attacking witches by throwing items to after them. As a hunter, your task is to roam the map searching and capturing witches. When playing as a hunter,  pay attention to the visual and auditory clues to easily locate and capture the witches. Keep in mind that throwing your primary and secondary quickly, will deplete your stamina and you will require a break to restore.

As a hunter, you can select your utility skill. There are three utility skills to choose from:

  1. Vacuum trap

Use the vacuum trap to attract the witches and get visual and auditive clues that will help you know the trapped witches that have already been captured.

  1. Chicken

It screams when it senses a witch nearby, but they sometimes indicate false positives.

  1. Magic blocker

It lets you throw a garlic sticker on the surface that cancels witch skills upon contact.

Tips for playing as a witch

Tips for playing as a witch

As a witch, you will be using your magical powers to survive in the match as long as possible. You must flee and hide to make sure hunters don’t capture you. There are three utility skills for witches:

1. Mushroom

It shoots a purple probe that confuses hunters who step on it.

2. Decoy

It spawns and controls the witch clone and

3. Clinqy Luaq

It ejects a flying luaq that jumps on the face of the hunter to block vision

The more you participate in the game, the more rewards (XP) you get depending on your playing performance and duration. The XP you earn will help you unlock Steam items and skills.

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