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Best Sniper Rifle Warzone: Who Wins? HDR vs AX-50 vs Dragunov!

Take a look at 3 sniper rifles featured in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone and find out which one’s the best.

Can’t decide which one’s the best sniper rifle in Warzone among HDR, AX-50, and Dragunov? We just did!

If you have played Call of Duty Modern Warfare, you definitely know about HDR, AX-50, and Dragunov. The competition is pretty tough between HDR and AX-50 and in my opinion, the best sniper rifle is definitely HDR. Read on to find out why! Also check money games.

Let’s take a look at each of these sniper rifles.

Dragunov: Fastest Firing Sniper Rifle in Warzone

Dragunov is popular among Warzone Battle Royale players because this rifle is so run-and-gun friendly. However, Dragunov has relatively lower damage compared to its bolt action contestants! I would call Dragunov a feeble rifle because it cannot down a fully armored enemy in not even 2 hits, which means they will have enough time to panic, relocate, figure out where the shots were coming from, estimate your location and probably zero in on you with their HDR and get a one-shot kill right on your face!

Dragunov’s bullet velocity is slower when compared to Designated Marksman Rifles but is faster than that of HDR and AX-50. With the ADS time being only 534ms, Dragunov is even snappier than AX-50 when it comes to target acquisition. That just means you can ADS, find your enemy’s head, and probably kill him in a couple of shots.

Best Sniper Rifle Warzone
Image Credit: Activision

Dragunov has a magazine capacity of 10 and any operator will carry 20 reserve bullets if the fully loaded perk has not been equipped.

Want to improve Dragunov’s efficiency by knowing what the best attachments are to be used with it? Read on!

  • If you are thinking of using a muzzle, then use a Compensator because this gun has very high recoil!
  • For the barrel, go with 660mm Extended because it gives Dragunov the much-needed boost in damage range while also reducing recoil and hence, improving your accuracy.
  • In my opinion, the best optic you could use with Dragunov is Variable Zoom Scope because you could zoom in and zoom out as and when necessary.
  • The F Tac Hunter Scout Stock will make the gun heavy and also decrease your aim walking movement speed but this stock will improve your accuracy so there’s more chance that you will hit moving targets.
  • You could go with a 15-round magazine with only a slight decrease in ADS! You could be on a way safer side by using a 20-round magazine but 15 rounds will do just fine.

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AX-50: Unmatched Mobility and Quick Target Acquisition

AX-50 offers easier handling and snappier movements when put side by side against HDR. You can see a lot of players in Modern Warfare Multiplayer using AX-50 to shoot down targets at medium range.

Attachments for AX-50

I highly recommend using the Monolithic Suppressor for muzzle because it will improve the rifle’s damage range and accuracy while also offering great sound suppression.

32.0” Factory Barrel will improve the gun’s damage range and bullet velocity thereby increasing your accuracy.

If you want an optic for Rumble Game Mode in Warzone, consider using Thermal Dual Power Scope but if you want quicker handling for use in Modern Warfare Multiplayer, the built-in scope works like a charm.

Singuard Arms Marksman Stock will improve your aiming stability but if you want quicker ADS speed, Singuard Assassin is the way to go.

AX-50 is the best sniper rifle to be used in Modern Warfare Multiplayer mode because it has just the right amount of mobility and power.

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HDR: Best Sniper Rifle in Warzone

HDR is unquestionably the best sniper rifle in Warzone! Bullets fired from an HDR are capable of piercing armors even at 600 meters!

Kitting your HDR with 26.9” HDR Pro Barrel will result in increased bullet velocity and damage range while also reducing recoil. However, your rifle will be pretty heavy since the barrel is longer than the default one so your movement and ADS speeds are slightly reduced.

Monolithic Suppressor provides state of the art sound suppression and improved damage range.

The Thermal Dual Power Scope is better as it will let you see enemies who are hiding behind clouds of smoke.

F-Tac Champion is the best stock that deserves an addition to this loadout! It will improve your aiming stability as well as aim walking steadiness with a slight reduction in aim walking movement speed.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what gun you are using because it all comes down to the level of skill you have developed over the years by playing 1st person shooters. Pair your skills with these smartly crafted sniper rifles and that’s how you become unstoppable! The planes are ready for deployment! Move out!

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