The Top 5 Best Action Games of 2020

Are you an action game lover? If yes, we have something for you. Today we will discuss the best android game available online which you can download on your phone or PC. Here is the list of top 5 action games in 2020.You must try it once.

1. Black Mesa

Half-Life is 22 years old and some would even argue that the classic shooter still plays just as well today as it did in 1998. If the first adventure of the spectacled snake and the chatterbox (Attention, irony!) Gordon Freeman would like to experience something new, but no longer has to resort to Valve’s in-house pixel mash.

With Black Mesa the downlod portal Lisanilssonart gave the first Half-Life a remake this year – and even received the blessing from Valve himself ! The result is a thoroughly successful shooter experience that maintains the strengths of the original and even throws some weaknesses overboard. So the – to put it mildly – mixed Xen levels were completely revised, the dialogs expanded and workshop support added.

Black Mesa is of course not free from criticism, for example, annoying bouncing passages could have been avoided and the voice actors could have given a little more time with their texts. But if you have missed the first Half-Life until today (shame!) And don’t want to buy a VR headset “only” for Half-Life: Alyx, Black Mesa is the best choice.

2. Destiny 2

You are right: Destiny 2 was actually released in October 2017 and would have to be disqualified for the action charts. However, Bungie only breathed new light into the shooter in 2019 with the new Free2Play variant “New Light”. That was enough for us to check out Destiny 2: New Light in the course of a new test article and lo and behold:

The Free2Play model suits Destiny 2 pretty well . New Light comes with numerous in-game activities and content for which the player does not have to pay a cent. However, if the extensive offer is not enough for you, you can still invest money in Destiny 2 to really take every feature of the game with you – which there is basically nothing wrong with.

Despite not too narrow criticism of Destiny 2 and its predecessor – which was mainly based on the manageable content – there is an absolutely successful shooter experience at the core of the game, which becomes an almost unique experience, especially in the well-rehearsed team. This is ensured by the pleasant variety of play styles, which makes it all the more fun to match the skills of your own character with those of your team members.

Destiny 2 has a leveling system and several quests that can be time-consuming for beginners. A game boosting service can help you quickly level up your characters to access more content and progress quicker through the game. If you’re more of a casual enjoyer, you can take advantage of game boosting services like KBoosting to cut the curve and get to the content you want.

3. Mortal Kombat 11 

Let’s make it short: Yes, Mortal Kombat 11 is also a brutal orgy of violence. This is no surprise, but is part of the good tone of the series. But MK11 can do a lot more! If you fade out the fatalities, the eye falls on an extremely ambitious fighting game that is convincing both technically and with its scope.

There is an extensive story mode with just under three hours of film sequences, additional – albeit sometimes extremely difficult – tower challenges and a crypt with loads of unlockable items.

The fights are easy to access, but offer enough depth even for professionals. Each of the 25 or so fighters has its own style and feels unique, at the same time nobody is too powerful. All of this makes Mortal Kombat 11 the best game in the series to date.

4. The Division 2

Ubisoft’s loot shooter goes into the next round: The Division 2 sends you to summery Washington DC, where you mess with street gangs, give survivors a helping hand and at the same time help the eponymous division to flourish again. And developer Massive Entertainment has done that really well . For example with the AI:

The opponents behave much smarter than in the predecessor, play to their strengths, put you under pressure and cleverly hide yourself when you return fire. So the fights remain exciting even after dozens of hours – even GameStar Plus author Sascha was positively surprised by Division 2 .

Another highlight is the game world: The developers not only lovingly recreated Washington’s most important buildings, but also hid many details in the city that tell little stories. And so that you don’t get bored too quickly, as in The Division 1 , there are tons of missions and activities in the game already at the release.

5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro doesn’t compromise. When you get involved in the From Software action adventure, it challenges you from start to finish. But there is also a lot in return: An extremely precise combat system in which a breath of a second can make the decisive difference between victory and defeat.

A fascinating setting with Japan in a fantasy version of the Sengoku era. And many memorable bosses who burn their way into your brain – and maybe drive you to despair. Sekiro manages to rethink even Souls veterans.

Even if you’ve played the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, Sekiro presents you with unfamiliar new challenges and keeps the genre fresh.

Shadows Die Twice is not typically considered a game suitable for newbies. Instead, it is known for its high learning curve and demanding gameplay mechanics.

If you’ve been active on the web on its release, Sekiro has been meme-notorious for its punishing difficulty. Combat requires precise timing, parrying, and quick reflexes.

Unlike other games, Sekiro does not offer multiple difficulty options. Players have to face the game’s challenging encounters and bosses at the same play level, making it less forgiving for those new to the genre.

That can be a little sad for newcomers who want to immerse themselves in the world and story. If that’s your dilemma, game boosting services may come in handy.

Boosters can help players unlock shortcuts or access new areas, which can be especially helpful for those locked in by the difficulty spikes. Some may offer to defeat challenging bosses on your behalf. Basically, you work with gaming professionals to progress through the game whenever you find a particular boss too difficult to handle on their own.

Ready To Play?

No hardcore gamer can claim that title without giving these action games a try. Feel free to enhance your gaming potential anytime you want.

Have you played them? Share your experiences with us!

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