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How To Play with Friends on GMOD with the Best GMOD Server Host

Finding the perfect place to play with your friends on GMOD isn’t easy. GMOD’s popularity came with it’s multiplayer version that resulted with hosting providers adding gmod server hosting, and with that came the question, what is the best gmod server host?

Garry’s Mod (GMOD) is forever many favourites with it’s sandbox design and endless possibilities with guns and structures.

Host Havoc: The Best GMOD Server Host

Host Havoc hasn’t been around for as long as some of the other game hosting providers, like GameServers, and Host Havoc has become one of the best gmod server hosts and one of the best game hosting providers.

Host Havoc has plenty of server locations to come with it’s game hosting. And with more server locations, comes more performance.


Obviously with most games you’ll want fast speed, and when hosting a server you’ll want your friends or even players enjoying the server with fast speeds, it’s a big factor when finding the best Garry’s mod server hosting.

GameServers, Host Havoc and PingPerfect all have brilliant hosting servers, as well as Nitrous Networks, which is often voted as a top contender in Garry’s Mod space.

GameServers is linked to one of the biggest hosting proviers around, with multiple server locations which increase performance of all your players or even friends.

How Did We Determine the Best GMOD Server Host

We looked at comparison websites like and, both mentioning Host Havoc and GTXGaming as the best hosting provider for GMOD.

CGH and BGH both use ‘criteria’ to assess each hosting provider that results in a high position in their ranking position charts. All together, both Host Havoc and GTX Gaming appear to be the best for you and your friends.


In conclusion, all together Host Havoc and GTX Gaming are by far the best gmod server hosting provider for you and your friends, when cheapness is concerned, Host Havoc is slightly cheaper, so most people will go with Host Havoc, and also have great packages starting at $9pcm.

Find exact prices and more information on either or CompareGameHosting.

All links were sourced from CompareGameHosting and 

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