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Actionable Tips and Tricks to Win Solitaire Online

Online solitaire is one of the best games you can play to pass time and relax your mind. However, if the goal is to win as many times as possible, there are some tips and tricks you can explore. In this article, you will learn some of the best solitaire strategies to win when you go to

Strategies to Win Solitaire OnlineĀ 

Below are the top solitaire strategies according to professionals.

Start From the Basics

The last thing you want to do before you start playing solitaire online is learning the basics of the game. Find out the plot, what each symbol means, and what needs to appear on the board for you to win. Most online solitaire games involve a deck of 52 cards and you will have to rearrange the deck according to the rules of the game.

Be Swift

Some online platforms add timers to solitaire to increase the stakes of the game and make it more interesting. If your game is timed, make sure you move as quickly as possible while maintaining the rules of the game. Otherwise, your timer will run out before you have the chance to make your move.

Mind Your Foundation

The foundation card you use on your deck matters. While you may be tempted to use up your high value cards as quickly as possible, be careful with your Ace card as putting it on top may cost your the game. The Ace should be the foundation upon which other cards are built.

Learn About the King Cards

There are two kings in traditional solitaire. These are the red and black kings. Both kings are high value cards but they have different meanings on the deck. If you choose a red king, other cards on that line have to be red. However, if you choose a black king, other cards have to be black.


Solitaire is an amazing game that can help you improve your critical thinking skills. The gameplay is straightforward so anyone can learn it irrespective of previous experience. Most online games also add details about the rules of the game and how to play on the website.

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