How Video Games Enhance Skills and Minds?

It is a very famous proverb that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It means if we keep on working then we will get exhausted. Therefore, we must spare some time for playing games to refresh our minds. In the old days, physical games were encouraged but now due to technological advancement, kids and adults both prefer indoor games. The best indoor game is video games. The main objective of playing the game is to refresh your mind. Therefore, if the game is not in the player’s native language, then it will just create frustration among the avid players. Thus, to make games entertaining for the players, companies take the assistance of gaming translation services. Apart from entertainment, games have many positive benefits for the human mind and soul. Let’s have a look at them.

Video Games Can Enhance Manual Proficiency

As we know, people play video games with remotes. People control the games while using remotes from their hands. A survey conducted by researchers and surgeons revealed that the people who play video games are faster than those who don’t play the games. The surgeons who play video games make 37% fewer mistakes in the procedures than those that didn’t. Additionally, many physicians also recommend video games to stroke patients so that they can get control of their wrists and hands.

Enhances Logic and Problem-Solving Skills

A study was conducted by Chinese and Australian researchers and they came up with the results that playing games can increase logic and problem-solving skills. They took FMRI scans of 25 professional gamers and found out that they had more grey matter which increases their coordination with the insular cortex. Practically, it boosts cognitive abilities that enhance logic and problem-solving skills. To win in certain games, gamers need to do strategic thinking. Therefore, they need to think about logic and try to solve problems while using their brains.

Let’s suppose you are running a subsidiary in Germany and you want to inculcate these skills in your employees then you must arrange a gaming competition among the employees. As German people speak the German language you should provide them with games in the German language. For this, you can take the assistance of professional translation services.

Improves the Vision

Another benefit of gaming is that it improves eye coordination. The University of Toronto conducted a study in 2014 and found out that people who play games have better sensorimotor skills as compared to people who don’t play video games. This skill fastens the learning abilities like typing and completing office documentation. Additionally, the tasks that require movement of eyes with hands.

This study was conducted on 18 gamers and 18 non-players on a screen that contains green dots. They were asked to join these dots on the screen. The results of both groups amazed the researchers. The test revealed that gamers can perform tasks more quickly than non-gamers.  If you want to increase the efficiency of German subsidiary employees then first you need to integrate different HR software with the head office. Here professional software localization services can be of great help. You must go for professional translation services and make gaming activity necessary so that you can see an increase in the productivity of the subsidiary.

Faster and More Accurate Decision-Making

The foremost benefit of playing a video game is that video games can help you in developing decision-making skills. The other research was conducted by the University of Rochester. They came up with the result that avid gamers can make decisions quickly and accurately in their real life. When the problem was given to both gamers and non-gamers, they found that gamers are 25% faster. Moreover,  they also made accurate decisions.  If the head office of your company is in Spain and you are handling the German subsidiary from there then you have to take major decisions for your business growth. Therefore, to enhance the decision-making skills in the Spain office, you must provide them with gaming playing activities.

Develop Social Skills

It was a stereotype before that gamers are shy and introverted. This is a wrong notion. Gaming helps in developing social skills. You must be wondering how. Due to technological advancement, people can play games with any other person from around the globe. This increases social and collaborating skills among the players. For example, a person in Germany can play the game with a person sitting in Spain. But for this taking the assistance of a professional translation agency is significant because they help in mitigating the communication barriers. With the help of translation services, you can play games with people no matter which language they speak.

Wrapping Up

People can take advantage of these benefits if they play the game in the language that they understand. Global companies can inculcate these skills in their employees if they go for software and gaming translation services. With the help of such translation services, players can entertain and inculcate the above-mentioned qualities in them. Are you ready to entertain and learn at the same time?

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