LA Noire 2: Is Rockstar Working on it?

LA Noire 2 may be released on Xbox One X and PS5 next year!

LA Noire Developer

It has been almost 9 years since the very first LA Noire game was released. If Rockstar had been working on LA Noire 2, then the coming year seems to be the best time for its release. Why so? It’s because the new LA Noire could be released as a next-gen title by Rockstar! However, you may not have heard about the closure of the Australian developer behind LA Noire; Bondi Games. Rockstar has still not confirmed the suspension of the LA Noire series so there’s always a chance for its revival in the days to come. Also check, Best Roblox Games.

In LA Noire, the main character Cole Phelps conquered LAPD rankings and improved his interrogation skills. LA Noire was based on the lives of detectives of the 1940s. The next LA Noire may have a similar detective-life recipe on offer.

LA Noire 2
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LA Noire Technology

LA Noire was a generation-defining game itself because it had a lot of graphically demanding content. LA Noire was powered by MotionScan technology even back in 2011. This technology captured the facial expressions of actors all the way up to the facial muscular spasms. A more improved version of the technology may be seen in next-gen LA Noire, which would be a perfect next-generation feature.

Story and Characters

LA Noire’s storyline was pretty solid in spite of the fact that the gameplay was quite difficult. The story and characters in the next generation LA Noire will be amazing because it’s going to be a project from Rockstar after all.

Did you know that detective Cole Phelps was acted by Mad Men’s Cosgrave (Aaron Stanton)?

A Feature of LA Noire That We Love

Getting from one place to another around Los Santos was pretty easy in GTA V, thanks to Downtown Cabs Co. LA Noire 2 should also include such quick travel option to not bore the storyline lovers to death. While some of you may find going around each and every street of the map, an amazing thing to do, many consider it rather boring and these players want to enjoy the story aspect of the game instead.

LA Noire 2 Will be the Next Successful Cop Game

Grim Fandango, Sam & Max and Phoenix Wright are among the best cop games but none of them do it better than LA Noire.

LA Noire 2 will be a generation-defining cop game for the next generation. It’s likely that Rockstar will release LA Noire 2 as a next-generation exclusive title on Xbox Series X and PS5. Though LA Noire wasn’t received greatly by most players, it was a proper game for those who loved cop stuff. Therefore, Rockstar should definitely release the next iteration of LA Noire and keep the cop fans occupied.

There hasn’t been any official word from Rockstar regarding the next LA Noire and even the fans are mainly focusing on GTA VI. Would you like to play GTA VI or a new LA Noire or Bully 2 on your next-generation console in the upcoming holiday season? Share your opinions!

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