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Learn about FFXIV Black Mage Rotation – A Complete Guide

Developers released the Black mage job in the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV so players can deal more damage to enemies quickly, all thanks to its high DPS stats. As compared to all the other jobs, the rotation of black mage is simple and more effortless. It is a solo rotation where you don’t need any teammates and can use your resources for the best rotation. Here is the black mage rotation guide for beginners to start their FFXIV journey. If you looking to grab similar games to play, make sure to check out Gamecamp where you can find all your desired video games at discount.

How to unlock and level Black Mage?

You need to complete the “One Golem to Rule Them All” and afterward complete the Shadowbringers scenario quest to speak to Lalai. Got to Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X: 12.9 Y: 13.5) and took the black mage job quest by talking to Lalai to unlock the black mage. 

Leveling the black mage by completing quests and by using soul crystals will increase its abilities over time. To get your hands on soul crystals, complete “Taking the Black” until you have enough soul crystals in your bag to upgrade the black mage. You can also get Black mage leveling, and professionals will level up your mage in no time. 

Black Mage rotation

The black mage rotation is divided into two phases: The ice phase and the Fire phase, each having its advantages. The fire phase of black mage rotation is a mana guzzling phase where you will use all your mana, but you can regenerate it in the ice phase of the rotation. 

Ice Phase

In this phase, your primary task is to gain as many umbral hearts as you can while saving your MP to cast the fourth spell in the end. It is of no use to cast the third spell if the enemy dies during the attack. After casting the third blizzard spell and before casting the third fire spell, you can’t do two different fouls. 

Fire Phase 

The firing phase is a dream come true for spellcasters as they can cast six different fire spells, among many others. If you are engaging with a single target, you can get a speed boost using the firestarter proc. There is always room for improvement, and no black mage rotation guide is perfect, but you can discover new ways by experimenting.

AOE Base Rotation 

When it comes to AOE rotation, professionals ten to cast the fourth thunder spell, foul spell, and fourth thunder proc spell to deal more damage to dark forces of the underworld. Increase your movement speed or reduce the time required to cast spells with the help of swift and triple spells. 

To gain some DPS over your enemies, cast the second fire spell in the vacuum because the health of your enemies is limited there. Mitigate the downtime of the black mage through the foul spell, the fourth spell of the thunder proc, and the instant flare cast spell. 

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