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Legit Methods to Earn FREE V-Bucks in 2023

Fortnite is one of the best video games you can play on your smartphone, PC, or PlayStation. It has massive amounts of cosmetics that you can use to customize your favorite character. The only problem is that you need v-bucks to purchase them.

You can use your credit card to purchase Fortnite v-bucks, but I’m here to show you how you can get v-bucks for free. I will show you some of the legit and easy ways you can use to earn free V-bucks that you can use to buy your favorite outfits, skins, and dances without spending a dime.

If this is not your first article about getting free Fortnite v-bucks or you have been watching some YouTube tutorials on this topic, I have some bad news for you. There are so many scams out there. Some will get your Fortune account banned. Any site that promises to give you free v bucks without requiring you to do anything is a SCAM. Here are some of the 100% legit ways you earn free Fortnite v-bucks.

1. Login Daily

You can earn free v bucks by login into the Save the World mode every day. When you log in, Fortnite will award you some v-bucks. You don’t have to play or pay anything in this method.

Fortnite will reward you 50 v-bucks on the 11th day, another 300 v-bucks on the 28th day, and will keep on awarding you on given days. You will keep getting rewards from Fortnite after some days without having to play. All you need is to log in every day without skipping. Fortnite will give you 1000 v-bucks on the 336th day. You can have a look at how much free v-bucks you will be earning and on which day below.

Login Daily

If you are always busy and don’t have the time to play every day, you don’t have to worry. The bar resets itself every day, and all you need is to log in. This method is legit, but it won’t give you as much v-bucks as you may need.

2. is a unique site that rewards you free v-bucks when you complete some tasks. It is the one of the few legit sites where you can earn free v-bucks. Within a couple of days, you will be having thousands of v-bucks in your account.

All you need to start earning is to create an account and start doing some tasks. These tasks are easy and won’t take much of your time. Some of the tasks you will be doing includes downloading and installing mobile apps, answering questions about some games, and entering your details into a prize draw.

You can also earn by watching videos on this website. You also have an option to refer your friend. When someone signs up using your code, you will be getting 5% of his life earning. Referring your friends to start using this site is a great way to start making thousands of free v-bucks with zero efforts.

3. Complete Daily Quests

Complete Daily Quests

For you to take advantage of using this method to get free v-bucks, you need to be owning Fortnite Save the World mode. If you don’t have, here is all you may need to know about the Fortnite Save the World mode.

After advancing on this mode, you will get access to Daily Quests. They are similar to the Daily Challenges in the Battle Royale mode. All you need to do to earn free v-bucks is to complete the task you are assigned every day. You may be required to complete X number of missions or kill X number of enemies with hero Y.

Once you complete the Quest, Fortnite will award you a minimum of 50 v-bucks or more. When you fail to complete your Quest, you can play it in the next day by completing two Quest challenges. You can only have a maximum of three Daily Quests. When you have three Quests, you will have to complete one to receive the next one.

To play Daily Quest, go to your Fortnite main menu and then select Quests at the top. The available jobs will be under Daily Quests.

4. Battle Pass Challenges

Battle Pass Challenges

If you don’t have the Fortnite Save the World mode, you can earn free v-bucks though Battle pass challenges. You don’t have to purchase the Fortnite’s battle pass to start earning free v-bucks, but having it will increase your earnings. As a free player, you will have access to three weekly challenges. In these challenges, you may have to collect X amount of wood, kill X number of enemies, and many more.

You earn battle stars when you complete these challenges, which can help you level up your battle pass. As you level up, you will be unlocking rewards such as gliders, pickaxes, skins, and emotes. Sometimes you will be getting 100 v-bucks. This method is the best for people who have time and enjoy taking challenges.

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